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I, Alex Daily, do not give anyone permission to archive any part of the domain beepboop.one, with the exception of the /about and /about/more pages.

You can get in touch with me in the following places:
Accounts on Beep Boop One include:
  • @Alexis - Site Administrator, personal account.
  • @emojistation - Promoting my custom emojis for use by others.
  • Three other accounts exist for private or as yet mysterious reasons.

This is a private instance. I reserve the right to proactively block, silence, or fully suspend any user or instance at my own discretion, but the following things are things I will always block, silence, or suspend:
  • Instances that actively support or encourage material that is illegal in Europe, specifically the Netherlands or Portugal, which are where I live and where this instance is hosted, respectively.
  • Instances that actively support or encourage harassment.
  • Instances that actively support or encourage behaviour in line with the ideologies of white supremacy, white nationalism, Nazism, or similar ideologies.
  • Instances or users that I find personally annoying.

In addition, the following individual behaviour will never be tolerated:
  • Racism
  • Sexism
  • Homophobia
  • Transphobia
  • Miscellaneous harassment.
  • Any kind of Nazi shit.

Please understand that this list is not comprehensive or complete, and that this, again, my own, private instance: if you shit on my floor, you're not gonna do it a second time.

I will not list instances I have blocked or suspended, because I refuse to give them free advertising. If you're an innocent person caught in my comprehensive blocks and want to follow me, get in touch, we'll see if we can work something out.

    • Custom CSS largely derived from "Mastodon theme eunivers Blue/White" with significant modifications. My version is kind of a mess because it only really needs to serve my own purposes, but I'm happy to share it under no license whatsoever.