:zero: :zerozero: :zerozerozero: :one: :ten:

Shortcodes: zero, zerozero, zerozerozero, one, ten
Description: The hundred points emoji ( 💯 ) but with lower numbers.

I see now that the names I gave them accidentally overlap some with "real" emojis, which isn't an issue for *me*, but if you do want to import them to an instance with a userbase bigger than one person, consider downloading the png and uploading manually with different shortcodes to prevent user confusion.

Importing them or downloading the png and manually uploading with a different shortcode is obviously completely fine for all emojis posted here.


:oneone: :oneoneone: :onezeroone: :oneonezero: :thousand: :onezerozeroone: :onezeroonezero:

Shortcodes: oneone, oneoneone, onezeroone, oneonezero, thousand, onezerozeroone, onezeroonezero
Description: An additional set of ones-and-zeroes emojis, meaning that in combination with the original 💯 and the other set, you can count to ten in binary with them! (This was @Siphonay's good idea!)

@emojistation you should do one with 11 so we can count on binary with them

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