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That's it! I hope you'll join me this weekend!

Here's a trailer from the Twitch marathon to get you in the mood:

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That's the end of season 1, but the adventure continues!

But not next week, because I'm house-and-cat-sitting for my parents! So we're taking, let's just commit, three Saturdays off, and then will be back with the first part of: Planet of Giants! :tardis:

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Just a quick service announcement: The end of season 1 next week coincides neatly with my summer plans, so just to make my life easier, there'll be a short break in before we start season 2. :tardis: β˜€οΈ

Once again a fresh serial next week -- "The Reign of Terror."

Just because it's the final serial of the season doesn't mean it's not as good a point as any to jump in! @TARDIS

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If you're not sure when 19:00 is: That's 31 minutes from right now.


* We're starting a new serial again this week, with part one of The Sensorites at 19:00, and part two at 19:30.

* There's really no bad time to jump in, I promise.

* There's also no real barrier to entry in terms of access -- I upload each week's two episodes to this Google Drive folder. ( ☠️ yohoho)

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