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look, I try to not be a jerk about people liking things I don't like

but if we're friends and you watch and like HBO's illegitimate Watchmen show I *am* allowed to make fun of you, them's the rules

Just started paying for Mastodon GOLD and it's already paying dividends. I can use the "7" key now, so that's nice. I also got 23 exclusive emojis visible only to GOLD members, like:

So those are cool. Money well spent. Just wish I could pay with credit card instead of being forced to inhale from the "sleep handkerchief" so they can take the subscription fees out of my wallet directly.

this toot brought to you by hearing somebody describe Comic Sans as "the worst font ever," which it *isn't*

it's *fine* in the appropriate *context*, which is true for *every font*

you don't use fucking Baskerville for a child's birthday party invite, either

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comic sans is a perfectly fine (if flawed) font, and the main problem with it is that people overuse it in weird contexts

but papyrus just sucks

Can somebody who groks time zones confirm for me that 12pm ET, which I think must be American Eastern Time, is 18.00 my time (Amsterdam/The Netherlands)

Trying to bring a friend of mine over to Mastodon.

What would be a good instance for a trans dude, gamer geek (video and Table Top), comic lover and all around awesome individual?

- who generally doesn't want US politics...cuz...not US

r/traa post, may contain sensitive content 

A lot has changed!

* Some of the details might be off, but I don't think that matters.
* The McGann incarnation was suffering from amnesia at the time and forgot to respond.

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"but lex, you write your own--"

yeah, but if they're my own characters, a) they're basically just emphasised aspects of myself, and b) I've designed their needs and wants from the ground up

like, it took me two years of very earnestly talking to e-shitheads to figure out what they were doing

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