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⚰️ πŸ“† "Die Another Day" (2002) 

honestly glad this is the last one of the original run and they never had this version of Jims Bomp, like. interact with a post-9/11 world.

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I've jokingly told our little one that the weekend ("Wochenende" in German) is brought by the week-duck ("Wochenente") much like Santa brings gifts or so. Even though they don't believe me at all and say it's ridiculous ("Quatsch"), we all have a good laugh.

I like the Wochenente. πŸ¦†

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re: shitpost 

@InspectorCaracal that's why there's so much bullshit everywhere


i look down upon the Brands, so desperate for my engagement, and i whisper,, "fuck off, go back to being on the sides of cows,,"

the rest of the story didn’t load for a bit and i was like β€˜wow! i respect how succinct this is’

have you heard the one about three holes in the ground 

well well well

lex is behind on slang 

i'd only just figured out what a "yeet" was, i can not be expected to "poggers"

"to find the second butthole": when you think you can't be any more disappointed but are proven wrong

credit to and for originating this idiom which we should all adopt immediately

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