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Scott McCloud was mostly right about micropayments, he was right about the infinite canvas, so I wonder what else in Reinventing Comics that we all made fun of is or will turn out to be ahead of its time?

i'm starting to think that people's understanding of "social construct" begins and ends with "it's not real," thus missing the "but people believe in it, which actually makes it real" part

covid-19 pep talk 

Holy Fucking Shit! You're Surviving a Pandemic, and You're Actually Doing Pretty Okay, All Things Considered

β€ͺBriefly wondered if Torchwood would survive a family-friendly edit, but then I remembered the episode with the killer sex gas. ‬

β€œForgive me, father, for I have sinned.”
β€œWhat sins have you committed, my child?”
β€œI keep singing Barenaked Ladies songs.”
β€œHow long has it been since you last confessed?”
β€œIT’S BEEN β€” ”

lmao, i spent five minutes trying to google an old graphic that's on something at my parents' house before I remembered I'M at my parents' house and can just walk downstairs

β€ͺlmao Khan’s evil satellite is called β€œMorning Star”‬

β€ͺthat’s so on the nose it’s up the nostril and on the way back out‬

star trek, rick & morty 

Rick & Morty, as a mean, cynical take on things like Doctor Who and Back to the Future, was never gonna be my jam, and it has a weird place in culture, but it always looked like a good, competently-made show, I'm sure the people involved in it who are now doing Lower Decks can make something I *do* like.

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star trek 

mostly i imagine my opinion of Lower Decks will hang on how much it leans into wanting to get that Rick & Morty audience, but that preview clip makes it look fun enough

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grumbling about star trek fans 

Star Trek in the 60s: Drama that takes itself seriously but is light of heart, has jokes.

Star Trek Discovery: Clearly in the same spirit, but real emphasis on drama.

Star Trek fans:

Star Trek: Lower Decks: Is a comedy.

Star Trek fans: Hold the fucking combadge.

@hierarchon making a military history discord with a General Chat channel and banning anyone who tries to talk about people of any other rank

"Grand Hotel" (1932) 

Greta Garbo and John Barrymore are really good.

Lionel Barrymore is also here, playing a pretty generic comedy alcoholic.

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