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*yawns* yeah, I enjoyed the romcom bits but the war stuff, even when well shot, is so boring

it picks up a little with the Paris section and then goes right back to putting me to sleep

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β€ͺwings 1927 is too long‬

β€ͺwhat is this, a Scorsese Netflix film‬

or, at least, I had to play 7th Heaven (1927) at 4x real speed to get through it, because it was a bunch of badly-paced nonsense, and this at least has a plot that makes sense

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* enjoying the rom, and the com, Bow and Brendel put in wonderfully funny performances
* the war drama of it, less so, though the plane stuff is fantastically shot
* definitely better than the other 1929 Best Picture nominee I watched

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more things I know:

* it won Best Picture and Best Engineering Effects, which I think is just how 1929 said special effects
* it's gayer than most modern films just by having two men kissing and those two lesbians from the tracking shot

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I've had this one downloaded ready to go for ages, because I wanna watch more old movies, so at one point I vaguely figured I'd watch every Oscar-nominated movie?

that's way too many movies, but it's still a good place to start

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what I know about this one:

* black and white
* silent
* romcom?
* set in WW2
* has that great tracking shot everyone loves

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Poly power move to pull at work: Instead of choosing only one partner to ever talk about, or using phrases such as "my other partner," simply refer to all of your partners as "My partner" and allow your coworkers to either figure out that you're talking about multiple people or believe you are dating one big Super Partner about whom many contradictory statements are true simultaneously

@Alexis Darth Canonycal decided that the there should be a Rule of Consistency after the Jedi almost destroyed them when the Whisperers of Contradiction turned from the Gray side of the Force to the Grey side of the Force.

hansel and gretel and snow white don't have "canon," but star wars used to have a multi-tier hierarchy of what's more or less canon

where did that come from? who or what took that first step from "once upon a time" to "han solo's DL-44 BlasTech heavy blaster pistol was built on Cymoon 1, prior to 10 BBY, and offered above-average firepower without compromising accuracy"?

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"once upon a time, far away" isn't how you start a sci-fi story, or even a cowboy story, it's how you start a fairy tale

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one of the central contradictions of Star Wars that's always gonna bother me is,

a lot of stuff external to the films insists Star Wars is a consistent, hard sci-fi fictional universe, which is, to me, at odds with the films, right away, setting themselves up as fairy tales

all of my doctor who takes are extremely accurate and right, it is the other people who are wrong

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it sure has been star wars season, huh

if you're a new follower, just you wait until it's doctor who season, when I'll *really* be insufferable

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