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whoops, I forgot to write my essay for this week, a "projection" essay where you write from someone else's POV

unless a *good* idea drops in my lap in the next 15 minutes, I'm gonna just do "I am a person who is enthusiastic about writing this projection essay, am not autistic, and thus do not struggle with this kind of thing."

I'm sure if you're used to, say, Glee or Pretty Little Liars, it is actually Star Trek and Doctor Who that feels stupid in a similar way

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amongst comics nerds who watch Riverdale, a common reaction to the show is "this is very stupid," even if we like it

except I don't think it's actually "stupid," it's just playing by the rules of teen drama, which comics nerds are largely unfamiliar with

it's weird that Homestuck^2 appears to have one of those mythical "sensible update schedules."

We do what we do not because it is right, and not because it is easy, but because we thought it would be funny

at some point I got, like, Okay at drawing Disney ducks, and I never noticed

I'll definitely do that, but I think I'll take a day to go somewhere or do something. (both??)

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oh I've got next week "free"

in that it's a repair week for second years who need to fix stuff from last year, and an assessment week for third years, and I don't need to fix anything and am not a third year, so I'm in the "encouraged to come to school to work on things" camp

@Louisa An origineel ticket for The Blade Runner, a 1983 romcom that it was too expensive to hastily retitle starring Steve Buscemi as an ice-skating judge who falls in love... with just-ice.

The audience of mostly middle-aged men who were expecting Harrison Ford were left baffled, yet charmed.

Blade Runner, spoiler-adjacent 

I don't think it matters whether or not Deckard is a Replicant, because the whole point is that he *could* be, and if he is or not doesn't meaningfully change the point, for me.

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