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Shield is the one my brain says to buy, but Sword, titularly, more accurately reflects how I actually play these things, because lemme tell ya, I have never bothered with a defensive move in my *life*.

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uhhhh, anyway, which PokΓ©mon version is everyone getting, I'm Undecided, and it would help to know if everyone was leaning towards one over the other

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joke about money 

I should pre-order PokΓ©mon before I move, that way I can pretend Alex Who Lives At Home And Can Afford Things bought it instead of Alex Who Moved Out And Has To Save Up To Buy Two Bananas At Once.

I dunno why people are surprised by the Sil and the Devil Seeds of Arador trailer, it looks exactly like I'd expect a Reeltime film to look like.

They're all either set in fields and offices, or in sci-fi sets executed mostly in shoestring and coloured lighting.

Short Treks 2x01: Pike-era Enterprise, Spock and Number One get stuck in an elevator together

Short Treks 2x02, October 10: Pike-era Enterprise, H Jon Benjamin on an Enterprise full of Tribbles

oh, I see, they're just making these for me now

people in the 60s: "I lost a bunch of time, I must've been abducted by aliens."

us: "I lost a bunch of time, which one of you pricks linked to TV Tropes four hours ago?"

my package is being delivered "between 14:14 and 16:14," which is too fucking specific, and yet, not specific at all

β€ͺproposal to start calling the Winter Olympics and Summer Olympics the Winto and the Summo‬

oh no

I just realised something terrible:

Memes are just the political cartoons of this generation.

All this time, we've thought we've been creating something dangerous and disruptive and unthinkably cyber-future-forward and TEDx

but they're just political cartoons, like your great-grandma would have recognised


the second-most frustrating version is with Brands and other corporate-owned things, because this insistence that The Right Way To Exist in the modern world is To Like These Specific Movies or whatever, hmm, no thank you, my identity as a person is not that substantially tied to what a multinational mass media entertainment conglomerate does to make monney.

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the allosexuals 

the most frustrating version of this behaviour is with sex, because allos can get real uppity about how sex is this Humanity-Defining Thing, how Being Into The Sex exactly the amount they are is what distinguishes us from being Beasts

which, boy, that sucks eggs to hear as an asexual

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if I like something

and I see that someone else isn't into it

I don't get offended or upset

because I'm not a fuckin bridge troll

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