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There are only two ways to be woken up:
Before you go go

oh, bah, this trade only has three issues of the story I actually want to read, and the rest of it is an annual and some other kind of side-story special

I think step one of not doing "cancel culture" might be to stop calling it "cancel culture."

On the note of custom emoji, I have made the following emoji over the years which you are all free to use wherever

:rubberducky: :duckpond: :a_plus: :gonk: :fingertent: :beachball: :oldmancloud: :punnydog: :flag_asexual: :lithroace_flag:

and I think I made :ohyeahhh: but I can't remember anymore

Post-communism: Seize the means of post production.

the plural of "alexis" is:

β€ͺfanedits of film and TV are pretty common, but I wish fanedits of books was a thing, like, at all‬

if you are an artist and you refuse to share information about your craft out of some fear of being competed with, youre a fucking con as far as i'm concerned. if doing art should teach you one fucking thing its that no informational shortcut can replace practice and discipline

Lethbridge-Stewart, "The Dogs of War" 

I should say what these are if you're not familiar -- they're the adventures of the Doctor Who supporting character best known as "the Brigadier," between his first and second appearances, published by a company that has the rights to that specific character throughout his entire history, but not to most other elements from Doctor Who itself. (Though they license the occasional element from other non-BBC rightsholders.)

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It's a bummer they've only done audiobooks of the first four, and that, those having come out in 2016, it doesn't look like they're gonna do any more, because it'll slow me down on them significantly.

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Have actually properly got into those Lethbridge-Stewart books now, even though I'd previously dismissed them somewhat -- them having fallen victim to the "well why does this exist" apathy I try not to give in to.

But no, they're weird, charming adventure stories, in all the dumb ways I like.

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