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Daughter has reached the age of asking "why?" to everything.

"hold on to that cup with both hands"
"i don't want you to drop it"
"It's made of glass, and if you drop a glass thing it can break"
"because glass is brittle"
"because supercooling molten silicon dioxide makes an amorphous solid which is weaker than the crystalline form"
"the crystalline form has a tetrahedral lattice of ionic bonds"
"because one silicon atom can bind with four oxygen"

oh, my ten euros worth of bitcoin, that was worth like five euros last I checked, is worth 17 euros now

hypothetically, anyway, I'm almost certainly never taking it out

(i've been drawing comics, and I'm gonna start updating again probably next week?)

whoops, designed something that doesn't work in the angle I need it to again

politics, video games 

the average e-shithead wouldn't recognise a joke if it crossed the road and walked into a bar at them

that one instance everyone is talking about suspending right now, e-shitheads 

troughton is such a joy to watch, it's been a while stuck in books and audios, I've missed him

whoop, time for The Enemy of the World, which I have not actually seen since they found it

you've heard of the paperless office, but how about the emailless alex, huh, how about that

third email today telling me I received my order in the mail earlier today

yeah! i know! i was there!!

:splat: : using the Broke/Woke meme format
πŸ… : using the :splat: / πŸ… meme format

:blocky_white_cursor: *clicks an interesting URL*

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Server: "Oh you're not from the US, have our regional website."

🌐 Other server: "Hi I'm the regional website and I have no idea what page you were trying to view so here's our main index!"

Like, the guestsperts all roughly made sense to me, until they had the girl from the teen movie on, because she didn't really seem like she really got the show, when previous guestsperts all seemed like they really did actually all listen to MBMBAM every week.

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