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it's clearly meant to be like Han saying he did 6000 mph in his shitty old volkswagen, but okay, I guess there was some wormhole bullshit involved, okay, fine

"why's it called that"
"it once scratched one of the suns of Theta IX"

and then everyone rolls their eyes because of how ridiculous that boast is until it turns out in a prequel movie they really did do the kessel run in twelve parsecs, uh, I mean, scratch one of the suns of Theta IX

the joke in the initial tweet was meant to be that both fool and intellectual are watching and enjoying things that jerks tend to dismiss as low-brow

i'm just putting off the homework now, time to cry at cartoons and write about furniture from the 1980s that's bad at its job

I'm clarifying the nature of my remark because I try not to just blindly poo-poo things people enjoy that I have no real actual issue with

that's not really a dunk on eurovision, which I watched... last year? the year before? and basically enjoyed, but all the music is out of my genres so I basically can't tell any of it apart, and cartoons seem more conducive to Also Doing Homework

a song i'm used to hearing as the theme tune of a podcast I listen to at 1.4x speed shows up on spotify at just regular speed and it's like i've been dropped into a slow-time tunnel

blinking takes a minute now

you try to shoot me, i'll bullet time that shit like crazy

"well just stop watching it then" is not a useful thing to say in the week between a show's penultimate and final ever episode

I have no real context for (or interest in) DC's Fourth World New Gods stuff, but this is a damn good comic book

so turns out everyone was Extremely Right about the Tom King Mister Miracle run

King Kong (1933) 

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