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I bought a solar phone powerbank and I think I've finally satisfied every powerbank-buying urge I have.

I'm pretty sure I can't defend buying, like, an eleventh one.

somewhere, there's someone who thinks Weekend Update is the only good bit of SNL, and I wonder how this person's divorce is going

@ my friends who are Game of Thrones fans: 

@ my friends who are Game of Thrones fans: 

Toaster design 

:tardis: Doctor Who: 'Combat Rock' 

Money is fake. Except in Brazil, only their money is Real.

(I love the box, though, and that's how I'll buy any other TKO books, which I do plan to do.)

The only issue I have, really, is the publishing model -- I really like the idea of it, the whole "comes out as a trade or six issues in a boxset all at once" model, but the six-issues-in-a-box very much read like a graphic novel cut somewhat arbitrarily into six issues, never doing enough to justify the box as a satisfying format.

Oh, I finished reading "The Fearsome Dr Fang" from TKO Studios -- written by Tze Chun and Mike Weiss, and drawn by the inimitable Dan McDaid.

It's a compelling pulp adventure, and I thought the modern reversal of the yellow peril tropes implied by the title was interesting.

It took the t-shirts I ordered four full days to get from Easthampton, MA to Newark, NJ. This is a three hour drive.

They still have to cross the ocean, and I imagine they will be doing so with DHL's finest canoe.

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