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"your five favourite photographs by a photographer who isn't yourself"

hmm, that isn't really how I interact with media, and not AT ALL with photography, woof

OKAY someone help a goblin out

I'm tryna find a movie, I'm pretty sure it's a Netflix original but not 100%

It's a sci-fi movie and like 90% of it takes place in the same room and it's a woman and this AI who has a little orb he sees through kinda like GLaDOS and she's controlling this drone on Mars and then it turns into a really weird and bad ripoff of 2001

What's it called???

Good 3D printers are now in a price range where I could buy one if I wanted to, but where the fuck would I even keep it.

look, I don't do any programming on a regular basis these days, and I literally pay friends to do it for me now, but there's no way Programming 101 at an art school is gonna teach me anything I didn't know when I was 9.

I'm told that Instagram is apparently the hot new social media network that people are ditching Facebook for.

Oh, it's still owned by Facebook? Nevermind then.

in minecraft, fish are soluble and every inch of water is saturated with them, which is why you can catch fish anywhere. as of 1.13 the population has increased so much they've started precipitating into solid fish

I'm not from the part of the country that the accents you hear on Dutch TV/film are from, and so Dutch TV/film acting always felt a little -- when nobody ever talks or sounds like you do, it becomes just another way you don't see yourself on TV, right.

That book, though very much for kids 8-12, does feature a character who is:
* A scientist.
* Who lives in the woods.
* Is super rich.
* And is referred to with singular they pronouns like it's no big deal. 😊

With the second half of Cosmic Quest 2 read, I'm caught up on the MCU again.

I tried a new brand of tampons and was doing research to see if anyone else thought they were larger than usual and

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