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:spidey_darkness: Drake dislike/like.
:spidey_light: American Chopper argument.
:spidey_awareness: Expanding brain.
:spidey_reality: Spider-Man Darkness-to-Reality, Holy Cow! :holycow:

Have you ever realized that literally now is the last time period you can rate all existing Star Wars movies as being in your top ten Star Wars movies?

Lots of people talk about owning libs but to find out who owns a lib, check the COPYING file in the root of the source distribution. That will give information on copyright and who owns that lib. If it is public domain then nobody owns it

IF we decide to offer a "buy one get one free" promotion - and that's a B1G 1F -

The most recent Star Trek Discovery, very light spoilers. 

The most recent Star Trek Discovery, very light spoilers. 

And I don't just mean chronological order, chronological order usually sucks for a series released out of chronological order, I mean, what is the most enjoyable way to read those books alongside Doctor Who.

I, or, cough, somebody else, should sort out the reading order for the Lethbridge-Stewart books and how that interlaces with the rest of Doctor Who, but I deffo don't have the time for that right now.

Next up in :

* Dreams of Empire, which I've read a bit of and is fine, though I suspect it's not gonna be one that sticks with me.
* Combat Rock, which is a story about cannibalism and is notorious for apparently sucking utter fucking shit.

I've been doing a lot of wanting to walk into the woods and scream about politics, so I think on Monday morning I'm gonna delete the birdsite app from my phone and see if that improves anything.

American money just looks fake to me.

It's the money characters on TV and in comics use!!

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