> Get a pet parrot
> Teach it to say this and only this

@InspectorCaracal I've no joke to go along with it, but the punchline I've got about you taking down the entire Disney Princess marketing department is "Molotov frock-tail," which, like, *barely* works.

Yeah, I use anti-aliasing. Sometimes you just need something to take the edge off.

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@mastohost Are you planning on explaining anywhere exactly what a Sidekiq thread or a web thread are? I get that they roughly translate to the number from the old pricing, but that kind of opaque language would put me off, personally.

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the problem with the word "assassin" is that after I type the first three letters a second time, I automatically type them a third time

Future history will record that we invented the telephone, thought it was neat for about a century and a half, and then realised that having a box in your house that anyone from anywhere can bother you on whenever they want and you have to react immediately kind of fucking sucks.

@bear The Andrew Garfield one was way too far in the wrong direction, I like the Tom Holland one, but I'm so glad that Spider-Man PS4 and Into the Spider-Verse are both delivering a mid-20s top notch absolute dipshit.

Peter in Spider-Man: Homecoming: Is on the debate team, has an internship at a multinational tech conglomerate.

Peter in Spider-Man PS4: Gets evicted. Relationship status: It's complicated. His boss breaks out the entire super prison. Spends a lot of time listening to podcasts.

Modern Spider-Man :spidey: adaptations where Peter's a mid-20s millennial with barely half his act together > Modern Spider-Man :spidey: adaptations where Peter's a teenager who people generally like.

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