@Alexis The right way to play Kingdom Hearts is to play it in machete order, where you have several save files for each game ready, and then you play each section of each game in the order the Disney films each world is based on were released

@The_T I did consider watching all the Disney movies referenced (or rewatching, mostly) before putting the first game disc in, but I know myself well enough to know that that project would fall flat five movies in.

@skelltan hmm, have you considered that dumping into a stranger's notifications to tell them that a series of games they're clearly interested in and gearing up to dive into is not fun at all is kind of a bummer.

@spud Almost always a strict release order!

When it's not release order, it's usually because it's a huge, messy multimedia franchise or there's just a lot of it and other options logically become available -- but if it's twelve video games, release order is fine, like, 11 times out of 10.

β€ͺBig Chronological is a close ally of Big Canon, which is just another god damn clown university‬

"the only right order to play the Kingdom Hearts games in is chronological order"

i'm surrounded by fools and clowns, all trying to trick me on behalf of Big Chronological

that one troll 

Just gotta get through the assessment on Monday/Tuesday and turn in the work for theory on Thursday.

I feel like I'm forgetting a school thing I still have to do, because I always forget *something* but I think I might actually be done??

@meena Ehh, Jessica Jones is, like, the least superhero of all the superhero stories, she's a mean PI who happens to be someone who can jump high and punch hard. It's noir more than anything.

That's not a diss on this show, I think I've just sort of accepted the death of Marvel Netflix, which makes it weird to see it wandering around a beach in shades and a leather jacket.

"written by AI" is just shorthand for "I didn't put that much effort into this and it's bad"

there's a fine line between hivemind and three kids in a trenchcoat

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