If I were a shittier person, I'd keep track of who spoiled shit for me and get my revenge, but I'm not that petty.

I mean, all the Marvel movies always come out here two or three days before they do in the US, and you don't see me coming out of the cinema and writing "Spider-Man is dead" on my fucking forehead, either

i've not seen this week's Star Trek Disco yet, and won't be able to for at least another day and a half, if y'all are gonna yell "snape kills dumbledore" can y'all at least CW it appropriately

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This rad free tool lets you create retro Game Boy games without coding

πŸ”— buff.ly/2DjyY0T

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Don't mean to rush any couples, but if you get married this Saturday, your 50th anniversary will land on 4/20/69

@thiskurt *waves a firearm around* "Peter Falk here says we're gonna be twenty minutes delayed!"

gonna be in another country for about 75 hours, aka brb-but-there's-two-planes-involved

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