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@kurt Leaving pink marks on everything I touch? Easier to track than last night's bean dinner.

Do straight people know that u don’t need to end a series by having the protagonist marry and have kids



@zatnosk @InspectorCaracal @kurt Shelving all your history books in chronological order is one thing, but doing it on a page-by-page level...

@kurt @InspectorCaracal I only write in books in perfect hand-lettered 11pt Times New Roman, which is why I can't find any of my fucking notes.

@hache I don't think anyone was begging for it, it feels like a story Tom King has had in his head since Flashpoint.

@hache I'm trade-reading the Tom King run, where in the most recent trade the Flashpoint Thomas Wayne Batman is a key character.

@hache yuuup

it's a very silly idea that everyone in the comic is treating with a level of gravitas that would make Morgan Freeman look like Kevin James

@InspectorCaracal @kurt "without even the slightest attempt" he does seem to at least have cardboard covers taped to the, uh, new fronts.

@InspectorCaracal @kurt I'll never, ever do that, but it makes me incredibly happy that there's someone out there doing that.

But also, yeah, just get an ereader, guy.

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