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@a_breakin_glass VR Attack of the Graske would get me to buy whatever headset I would need, I swear.

you, a fool: "Doctor Who VR adventure coming soon."

me, an intellectual: "Attack of the Graske 2."

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(if anyone actually wants to wear this, lemme know and I'll put it up on redbubble or something.)

@lobster_writer They tried to push it before the most recent series aired, and I don't think they say "companion" about Ryan, Yaz, or Graham in anything official, but it's definitely not stuck in fandom.

@The_T I feel like something a bit like that must have happened at some point? Probably in a Lawrence Miles novel??

But the books -- well, after the Troughton incarnation ones -- are a big black hole in my knowledge, so who knows.

@The_T Making the TARDIS take the shape of a 90s coffee shop felt like a weird decision when I started watching it, but they do really pull it off.

@bear Loved his story in Spider-Man PS4, but I did think it was weird that he spent that much time drinking coffee with his pals.

geddit, because we're supposed to be saying "friends" instead of "companions" now

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