the curry chocolate is, predictably, a disgusting bar of a curry-reminiscent soap-like substance

i forgot the post button on masto still says TOOT cuz last time the whole thing of moving away from that word came up I changed mine to say, well

:tardis: 6x04: "The Dominators" (episode 4) 

You know, aside from the sheer height of the shoulder situation, the Dominators' whole look isn't miles off from the Thals' wardrobe.

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bbc one's sherlock holmes would tell my brother i'm an alcoholic

another non-standard cola 

you know what, coffee flavour really works

it adds a rich creaminess to it, but in a very different way than a vanilla flavour, like a darker, more mature creaminess

I'll buy this again, I reckon.

:tardis: 27x09: "The Empty Child", body horror 

heck me

been seventeen years, never realised it's called the Empty Child because it's literally physically empty

like, that's the inside of an empty skull or skull-like construction behind those lenses

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me: I left clear notes behind on my work last night when I stopped, I should be good to go today

my notes:

fourth and final non-standard cola 


which I could be convinced is already in cola? or dr pepper, maybe?


it's not and that's good because this sucks

this movie is being a real fucking hipster about being set before WW2, which France had only signed on for *googles* two months before this came out

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