Garfield in later years celebrating his birthday on the day the first strip ran implies the Garfield of the June 19, 1978 strip was born that same day.

:tardis: 27x02: "The End of the World" 

love the spider robots but there's definitely a few shots where they don't cast shadows or appear in reflections when they should

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never noticed this distortion effect on the sonic before (look at the lines of the column in the middle)

I feel like that must have stopped happening *immediately*

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I'm firmly in the middle of the Garfield strips I had in books as a kid, and just hit one of my all-time favourites, July 7, 1997.

🍏 Apple review 3. Golden Delicious. 

You know, I think of myself as somebody who prefers a red apple, but I got on real well with this one. The skin is a little squeaky, but it's a good, crunchy, juicy apple, and it's a good amount of sweet.

Best one so far. 🍏🍏🍏

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🍎 Apple review 2. Braeburn 

Better than the Royal Gala in a lot of ways, in that it's a little sweeter, crunchier, juicier, but it's too small -- like somebody accidentally set it to 75% height -- and I think half the skin is stuck in my teeth.

Two and a half apples for the Braeburn, in that I'm likelier to buy it again than the Royal Gala, but I also know better apples are possible. 🍎🍎½

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🍎 Apple review: 1. Royal Gala 

Bought these this afternoon, just a random apple to start with.

The sweet taste is alright, but the texture is a bit mealy, not as crunchy as I think I prefer. Might be okay if it's in the fridge for a bit? Will report back.

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