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#167, or #817, 2022's "Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers."

Gotta keep up that weekly average one way or another.

Leaving now to go see in a cinema, because it's playing, blorbo knows why, #168, or #818, 2017's "Get Out."

I've seen it before -- Letterboxd says June 30, 2020, five stars, no review, about two weeks before I started doing the thread thing.

#169, or #819, I saw somebody on letterboxd call this "a unique concept for a thriller" even though as far as I can tell it's just "murder in a house," but okay, who doesn't like Katey Sagal, 2022 country music horror thriller picture "Torn Hearts."

#170, or #820, I understand this has two Karens Gillan in it, 2022's "Dual."

Leaving now to go see 2021's "After Yang." #171, or #821.

Not entirely sure what it's about, Colin Farrell being sad about robots maybe? I'll watch Colin Farrell be sad about robots.

#172, or #822, I'm watching the tea documentary referenced in #171, #821, 2021's "After Yang," 2007's "All in This Tea."

Will I have anything to say about it? Impossible to say.

Let's watch the opposite of that, #173, or #823, 1997's "Air Bud."

I scroll through various streaming services and simply click on the first thing that looks like it might be funny, #174, #824, 2022's "Senior Year."

#176, or #826, I think this is just "what if /r/nosleep but too much" but people are hyping it up, so let's give it a shot, 2021's "We're All Going to the World's Fair."

#177, or #827, not seen a bad John Carpenter film yet, 1987's "Prince of Darkness."

#178, or #828, 1998's "Deep Impact," because they watch it in 2022's "Senior Year."

#179, or #829, 1980's "Airplane!"

Literally first joke got me, a plane cutting through the clouds like a Jaws-ian shark, heehee.

Leaving now for Sneak Preview. #180, or #830.

I have reasons to rule out all my guesses -- "Men," too horror, "Jurassic World 3," too sequel, "Memory," already the Unlimited Night screening -- so, no idea, we'll see!

Leaving now for a Pride Night screening of 2021's "Swan Song." #181, or #831.

(I see a screening for something gay, I go see something gay, this is very simple.)

#182, or #832, let's watch something else gay, 1999's "But I'm a Cheerleader."

I appear to have recovered from 4 x 10 minutes of light exercise earlier today, so leaving now to go see 2022's "Jurassic World: Dominion." #183, or #833.

#184, or #834, sometimes I put on a movie that looks bad without a good reason, but this time it's because I've been listening to movie podcast The Flop House and they've finally done one that I haven't seen, 2022's "The King's Daughter."

#185, or #835, I have nothing else to do today so I sigh and put on 1939 Best Picture nominee and winner "Gone with the Wind."

#186, or #836, I watched this the day it came out but it wasn't on Letterboxd then, but now it is, Bo Burnham's "The Inside Outtakes."

Liked the original special, liked this, though it's clearly the weaker material, good and reasonable to cut all this.

#187, or #837, let's watch another John Carpenter, 1994's "In the Mouth of Madness."

#189, or #839, leaving now to go see 2022 Liam Neeson amnesia thriller "Memory," because, uhhh, because it's the subscription-exclusive early screening and I am not one to turn down free popcorn and a drink and what else am I doing tonight, anyway, right.

#190, or #840, the year is 1951, and Alec Guinness is -- "The Man in the White Suit."

#192, or #842, leaving now to go see 2022's "Men."

People always express some doubt when I say I might have a dash of face-blindness but when I first saw it I genuinely didn't realise all the men in the trailer for 2022's "Men" were Rory Kinnear, so.

#193, or #843, let's watch Brendan Fraser do a 90s version of "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" or whatever this is about, it's 1999's "Blast from the Past."

#194, or #844. Leaving now for Sneak Preview -- my guess: 2022's "Elvis," maybe?

Every streaming service that has it has been pushing me to watch this for years, let's find out what impression I've given these algorithms, #195, or #845, 2013's "We're the Millers."

#196, or #846, wrapping up the 1930s, 1939 Best Picture nominee "Of Mice and Men."

Just got back from seeing 2022's "Lightyear" with the Brother, #197, or #847.

#198, or #848, another one Netflix has been subtly pushing at me for ages, 2019 Seth Rogen comedy "Long Shot."

#199, or #849, 2006's "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time."

#200, or #850, whatever the fuck 2022's "Spiderhead" is.

#202, or #852, 1980's "The Ninth Configuration," which I understand is an alternative followup to "The Exorcist."

#203, or #853, too hot outside to go to the cinema, so I'm staying inside and watching 1974's "The Taking of Pelham One Two Three."

Leaving now to go see #204, or #854, 2022's "Elvis."

I always look movies up at least a little before I download them, but I don't remember what this one's about at all, #205, or #855, 1988's "Miracle Mile."


Leaving now for Sneak Preview again. #206, or #856.

(No guess. Who even knows!)

It was 2022 romcom "Press Play," which plays not unlike a standard One of Them Has a Terminal Illness teen angst one, except then at about the halfway point it turns out the Terminal Illness is destiny forcing a series of fatal accidents. The cure? A time-traveling mixtape.

This was not on my radar, on account of I'm not a teenage girl, but I respect the genre and I do appreciate a good sci-fi twist on something like this.

Hawaii is very pretty, Danny Glover was there, didn't hate this.

#207, or #857, 1996's "Independence Day," which I understand is set mostly on the 4th but starts on the 2nd, so.

Oh, right, Roland Emmerich. I'm not that into the disaster movie thing, but this has to have been better liked than "Moonfall" from earlier this year was.

I would simply not get invaded by aliens on a holiday weekend.

👽🎆 "Independence Day" (1996) 

"How would you describe what you are seeing."

well it's some kind of object, that's flying, but is otherwise difficult to identify

👽🎆 "Independence Day" (1996) 

The way it's hiding in a cloud, very 2022's "Nope." Or, at least, what we can gather from 2022's "Nope" based on the trailers.

👽🎆 "Independence Day" (1996) 

I'd love to be the last person to find out about the alien invasion, like, what am I gonna do about it, why I gotta stress out about it from minute zero.

👽🎆 "Independence Day" (1996) 

Deliver news to me at the rate a medieval peasant would-a received it, I say. Oh, those things in the sky two years ago were space aliens? You don't say.

👽🎆 "Independence Day" (1996) 

There's always gotta be a guy in these who found something up in space like a signal or a big rock.

👽🎆 "Independence Day" (1996) 

Oh, that's a, uh, substantial amount of destruction.

👽🎆 "Independence Day" (1996) 

This is all very silly in much the same way "Moonfall" was, but in much more of a "fun action movie" way than an "idiotic disaster movie" way.

👽🎆 "Independence Day" (1996) 

Much better than 2022's "Moonfall."

#208, or #858, 1940 Best Picture nominee "The Grapes of Wrath."

Another one of those titles you hear all the time, but that I have no idea what they're about. The Great Depression? Probably not fruit.

The Great Depression in the American Dust Bowl, bet this'll be a right sack of chuckles.

🍇 "The Grapes of Wrath" (1940) 

"Then who DO we shoot!"
"Brother, I don't know."

man, capitalism, way too hard to figure out who the real problem is

🍇 "The Grapes of Wrath" (1940) 

is it called the Great Depression because it's not a bad movie at all but pretty depressing

🍇 "The Grapes of Wrath" (1940) 

The problem with one of these Real Classics actually being Pretty Good is it doesn't really leave you with a lot to talk about.

#209, or #859, the first of these Gundam compilation movies, which, I dunno, I've seen the show, these are like novelisations, I understand historically why they did 'em but you wouldn't necessarily reinvent them today without that history, you know?

1981's "Mobile Suit Gundam I"

🤖 "Mobile Suit Gundam I" (1981) 

The English dub of this makes some different choices than the dub of the show, which, you know, fair, this came first, but Bright with a posh English accent...?

🤖 "Mobile Suit Gundam I" (1981) 

"Have the Zeons deployed an army of Roboton invaders?!"

...Roboton invaders? They're Zakus!

🤖 "Mobile Suit Gundam I" (1981) 

gundamn this, gundamn that

🤖 "Mobile Suit Gundam I" (1981) 

I'm just dub-posting now, uhhh. I mean, I've seen all this.

🤖 "Mobile Suit Gundam I" (1981) 

This sure is paced like you'd expect a 2h20m feature film edit of 13 episodes of anime to be.

🤖 "Mobile Suit Gundam I" (1981) 

gundamnit amuro

get in the fucking robot, s̶h̶i̶n̶j̶i̶ amuro

:gundam: "Mobile Suit Gundam I" (1981) 

This is really only a good alternative to the 43 episodes of the show if you're like, pretty sure you won't make it through those, or if this is the only option you have.

(I think these are on Netflix while the show isn't.)

:amuro: "Mobile Suit Gundam I" (1981) 

It all comes together into a decent overview of the major combat sequences, but I really miss all the little character moments.

:char: "Mobile Suit Gundam I" (1981) 

Without episode breaks, this is... punishingly long.

Clearing out the old download folder, 2021 alien portal anthology picture, "Doors." #210, or #860.

🚪 "Doors" (2021) 

Love when your teacher gets a mysterious phone call he won't elaborate on while there's sirens going off outside during a test. That's great. That's always a good sign.

🚪 "Doors" (2021) 

this is playing Whatever Is Going On as a Modern American School Shooting, which, happy america day, I guess

🚪🚪 "Doors" (2021) 

Using immediately post first lockdown abandoned cities footage as horror loads-of-people-have-vanished footage is clever but also I don't like it

🚪🚪 "Doors" (2021) 

Broadly enjoyed the first segment, though I kinda could-a spent a whole film from this perspective.

This second segment is aesthetically sort of, what if you applied Death Stranding to this premise.

🚪🚪🚪 "Doors" (2021) 

"We archive Earth."

well that's probably fine

🚪🚪🚪🚪 "Doors" (2021) 

Every one of these segments has its flaws -- the characters in the first one are pretty thin, the climax of the second one is a corny cliché, the last one doesn't do anything with the Zoom call format it couldn't have done in an in-person interview thing -- but still, strong concept, interesting glimpses into a world. Enjoyed that.

#211, #861, just got out of the 11am screening of 2022’s “Thor: Love and Thunder.”

Loved it. Thundered it. What more could you want.

Leaving now for a Pride Night screening of 2020's "Kokon." #212, or #862.

Lovely little German queer coming-of-age picture with a strong aesthetic and central visual metaphor. Not un-stressful, but still just good to vibe with for a 100 minutes.

(Worried a little at first that it was gonna be very About Drugs, but it was fine.)

#213, or #863, but also Best Picture nominee #100 (or #98, if we're not counting the ones I had to skip) -- 1940's "Rebecca."

Which I'm sure will just be a normal story about a normal woman having a normal, healthy marriage to a normal man in very normal ways.

🕴️"Rebecca" (1940) 

A pre-war drama about high society socialites that actually works? Damn, Hitchcock really is a genius.

🕴️"Rebecca" (1940) 

You know, as normal-ness of woman/marriage/man goes, it all went a bit quick, but so far they all score Pretty Normal.

Now, if we add the housekeeper Mrs Danvers into the mix, /she/ scores a Big Yikes.

🕴️"Rebecca" (1940) 

I would simply not be emotionally haunted by my husband's late first wife.

🕴️"Rebecca" (1940) 

All of these people have terrible handwriting.

🕴️"Rebecca" (1940) 

Either this house has a bunch of secret passages or Mrs Danvers is A Bat-Man.

🕴️"Rebecca" (1940) 

"I am Mrs de Winter now."

yeah girl own it

🕴️"Rebecca" (1940) 

"[Rebecca's] shadow has been between us all the time."

you can just call her Mrs Danvers

🕴️"Rebecca" (1940) 

Some very silly twists happening here. Real "couldn't do this today" hours behind this particular shed. (Works, tho.)

🕴️"Rebecca" (1940) 

oh I see

she was gay

🕴️"Rebecca" (1940) 

Last act definitely sags, much more talky, people in rooms having conversations. But great film.

@Alexis The name "Press Play" sounds like the movie your mom would accidentally rent thinking it was "Ready Player One"

@Alexis I remember from my childhood, there was like, a year where grapes-of-wrath based puns were all over the places. Raisin advertisements were the big one I remember, but also just like, idk, I think there was a purple playdoh thing or something

It was a very specific point in time

🤖 "Mobile Suit Gundam I" (1981) 

@Alexis Languid with sweeping shots of a barren dessert and protagonists staring out into the sand in deep thought for minutes on end?

🤖 "Mobile Suit Gundam I" (1981) 

@kurt No, that's the good shit you only get if you watch all 43 episodes, this is wall-to-wall *yawns* combat footage.

🕴️"Rebecca" (1940) 

@Alexis I'm beginning to think this Hitchcock may be good at making movies.

🕴️"Rebecca" (1940) 

@kurt There are individual shots in here that are better than whole dang movies from the 30s, I can't wait to see what he does next.

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