doctor who fans: "it's implausible for everyone on Earth to just forget about the various Dalek invasions or things like the entire planet being moved"

me: *the only person wearing a mask in a crowded supermarket*

@Alexis Masks don't stop Daleks, what are you going on about? No idea.

@kurt Turns out Dalek facial recognition is strictly nostril-based.

@Alexis it really always depends on how hard people want to forget the thing in question

@Alexis people don't remember things they don't want to remember, won't do things they don't want to do, because "rugged individualism".

@Alexis yeah this is how I feel about people continuing to go to the various iterations of Jurassic Park, or companies continuing to try to turn xenomorphs into bio-weapons

@InternetEh Yeah, at a certain point you have to know what "step five" looks like if you do "step one" for the umpteenth time.

And it doesn't look like either me taking my mask off, OR visiting Jurassic World!

@Alexis The original series took the approach that all the invasions were hushed up by Unit, which worked so long as they never had anything as extreme as flying saucers slicing through London landmarks. I don’t like the hand-wavey everyone-forgot excuse. People remember dramatic events happened even if they then carry on life as close to before as they can afterwards

@lx @Alexis humanity in general explicitly remembered all of the major alien events during rtd's run, and folks put a lot of effort into planning for the Next One each time. it made a lot of sense? then it all paid off with turn left/the stolen earth, which made every single one of those preceding events and the normal humans they all touched absolutely critical to the current story

but then moffat who leaned heavily on the everyone-forgot hand wave, especially in cases where that made no sense whatsoever and was basically impossible (see: forest covering the entire earth springs up overnight and then vanishes the next day, and everyone forgets about it, even though the standard human thing as of 2014 when that episode aired was to have a camera in your pocket at all times :glaresip: )

@douginamug Just because I'm unlikely to die from it doesn't mean catching it couldn't still be extremely bad news for me, being in a high-risk category, or my dad, who is in several.

Frankly, this is the kind of reply to a total stranger you should know to keep to your fucking self.

@douginamug @Alexis german here. masks are still mandatory on regional trains. we personally prefer to keep them on in crowded spaces because not getting sick is hella dope in general, no matter the illness.

@Alexis my Kyoto friend tells me the Japanese have simply accepted constant reconstruction of #kaiju damage as a fact of life, not worth casual conversation or even remembering. "It rarely even makes the news anymore."

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