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#130, or #780, at @kurt's absolutely whole-hearted and unequivocal recommendation, 1967 Canadian experimental room film "Wavelength."

#131, or #81, this one can't possibly be particularly offensive, SURELY, the second of the three unwatched Zack Snyder movies, 2010's "Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole."

#132, or #782, 2020 Japanese sci-fi comedy "Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes," which I think is about a café owner who discovers his TV can see a whole two minutes into the future.

#133, or #783, let's follow that one up with the one everyone on Letterboxd compared it to, 2017 Japanese one shot zombie comedy "One Cut of the Dead."

#134, or #784, the last Zack Snyder I haven't seen, 2011's "Sucker Punch."

#135, or #785, leaving now to go see-- Well, it's Sneak Preview again, so I don't know yet.

It's probably 2022's "Morbius." But it could be anything.

(But it's "Morbius.")

#136, or #786, sure, I'll watch a dumb one about a cursed video game, 2022's "Choose or Die."

#138, or #788, I've randomly put on 2022's "No Exit."

bet they find one at the end

let's clear some things out from my downloads folder

*rolls some dice, flips a coin*

#139, or #789, 2022's "Deep Water," which I don't know anything about, except that there was Discourse that I've definitely already missed the window on.

#140, or #790, 2020's "Looks That Kill," about a young man who's... so handsome just looking at his face is lethal? Sure.

#141, or #791, 2000's "American Psycho," which I'm pretty sure is about Christian Bale (murderman) pretending to be Christian Bale (not a murderman)

#142, or #792, I understand this started production as an entirely unrelated film that was changed to be what it is now while they were already filming, 2002's "American Psycho II: All American Girl."

#143, or #793, 2019's "One Cut of the Dead in Hollywood."

#143.1, or #793.1, point-one because this one's only 26 minutes long, way under the Academy's definition of "feature film," so I'm not allowed to count it, but I still wanted to thread it, 2020's "One Cut of the Dead Mission: Remote."

#144, or #794, 2020's "Spontaneous," which I think is a teen romcom set in a world where people can and do just spontaneously explode?

I'm sure this won't be extremely relatable to me, who has lived through more than two years of a global pandemic.

#145, or #795, 2014's "Unfriended."

Is this ghostmurdercrime by murderghost observed over video chat or just regular murdercrime by a murdercrimesman observed over video chat? Only one way to find out.

#146, or #796, leaving now to go see 2022 DreamWorks picture "The Bad Guys."

#147, or #797, I randomly downloaded this a while ago and then the other day it came up in something I was listening to -- or, well, the original play did -- so that's enough reason for me, 1992's "Noises Off."

I was gonna go see 2022's "Downton Abbey: A New Era" with my mom tomorrow, so the plan for today was to watch 2019's "Downton Abbey" -- having got through three seasons of the show -- but then my parents' car had a nervous breakdown, so that's been postponed.

Instead, one of those Letterboxd never shuts the fuck up about, #148, or #798, 1994 Chinese picture "Chunking Express."

Another one that's been on the pile for a while, no idea what it's about, #149, or #799, 2021's "C'mon C'mon."

#150, or #800, but I don't know what it is yet, leaving now for Sneak Preview.

I did my Sneak Preview guessing last night.

#151, or #801, leaving now to go see 2022's "Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness."

> in the morning??

we've been over this

#153, or #803, 1971's "THX 1138."

You know, for a guy who kinda transformed the motion picture blockbuster /twice/, Lucas' work outside of Star Wars and Indiana Jones never really comes up as much as you'd think.

#154, or #804, I'm seeing the new one with my mom tomorrow morning, so, though I've only seen the first three seasons of the show, tonight, 2019's "Downton Abbey."

Did not actually go see the new "Downton Abbey," because my mom's car once again had an anxiety attack about the highway, so, instead, the opposite, but still a sequel:

#155, or #805, 1977's "Exorcist II: The Heretic."

1975's "Jaws" is one of the finest movies ever made. I'm pretty sure it doesn't need sequels.

#156, or #806, 1978's "Jaws 2."

#157, or #807, I guess it's Sequels Nobody Asked For Week, 1983's "Psycho II."

#158, or #808, Why Does This Sequel Exist Week carries on, with 2000's "Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2."

#159, or #809, leaving now to go see 2022's "Everything Everywhere All at Once."

You know what day it is, I know what day it is, it's the only one this year.

#160, or #810, 1984's "Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter."

A brave to choice to bring a final, conclusive, definitive end to this 12-film franchise with the 4th instalment.

It's still the day it is, Jason is dead forever, let's see what's next.

#161, or #811, 1985's "Friday the 13th: A New Beginning," or "Tuesday the 17th."

One more, let's see how dead they keep Jason, it's

#162, or #812, "Wednesday the 18th" -- 1986's "Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives."

...Seriously? In the title?

#163, or #813, just gonna put on a favourite, 2020's "Palm Springs."

I took two days off from movies so I could actually finish school, but I return! To the movie theatre! For Sneak Preview! #164! #814! Exclamation mark!

(I think it's probably 2022's "Firestarter.")

#165, or #815, leaving now to actually go see 2022's "Firestarter."

#167, or #817, 2022's "Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers."

Gotta keep up that weekly average one way or another.


Leaving now to go see in a cinema, because it's playing, blorbo knows why, #168, or #818, 2017's "Get Out."

I've seen it before -- Letterboxd says June 30, 2020, five stars, no review, about two weeks before I started doing the thread thing.

#169, or #819, I saw somebody on letterboxd call this "a unique concept for a thriller" even though as far as I can tell it's just "murder in a house," but okay, who doesn't like Katey Sagal, 2022 country music horror thriller picture "Torn Hearts."

if I were in a horror movie I would simply not be in a horror movie, etcetera

🎸 "Torn Hearts" (2022) 

This house is a little spooky but the two leads, country singers, here have no reason to believe it's a horrormurder situation, not really -- they're visiting a famous country singer to talk shop, it's not like they're hopping the fence and breaking into Wester Drumlins.

🎸 "Torn Hearts" (2022) 

which, you know, horror, not typically the land of sensible decisions, I'll take it

🎸 "Torn Hearts" (2022) 

everyone knows famous musicians love to smash guitars to celebrate pretty much anything, even in the comfort of their own homes

🎸 "Torn Hearts" (2022) 

"I think we've overstayed our welcome."
"You weren't welcome to begin with, dear."

that's a good line

🎸 "Torn Hearts" (2022) 

now, the bit where she overhears her talking to what appears to be her supposedly dead sister, that's the part where they should-a got the fuck out

🎸 "Torn Hearts" (2022) 

if you rescored this with something lighter that didn't magnify everything even slightly off into something creepy it might barely play as horror at all, just a weird encounter with a weird, lonely woman

🎸 "Torn Hearts" (2022) 

oop, eyeball in a jar

now it's definitely a little more than a weird encounter with a weird, lonely woman

🎸 "Torn Hearts" (2022) 

"Richie, could I offer you some pie?"

the pie with the big murder knife in it?


the pie with the big murder knife in it.

🎸 "Torn Hearts" (2022) 

I know there's meant to be some plausible deniability here but if my sister and bandmate (status: face covered in blood) told me she found a bunch of body bits in jars, I'd be Team Getting The Fuck Out Of Here, not Team Benefit of the Doubt

🎸 "Torn Hearts" (2022) 

Pulling out a big pink shotgun is probably the least weird thing this woman has done all film, at least with a big pink shotgun you know where you're at. (You're either on the right end or the wrong end.)

🎸 "Torn Hearts" (2022) 

"This is my story now. She was right."

oh I hate this

🎸 "Torn Hearts" (2022) 

what are you talking about she was right, her whole argument is she's gonna make up for murder by doin' more murder!!!

🎸 "Torn Hearts" (2022) 


fuck this dipshit

#170, or #820, I understand this has two Karens Gillan in it, 2022's "Dual."

oh I guess it's also about a duEL

a dual meaning you might say

👩‍🦰👩‍🦰 "Dual" (2022) 

"Are you the original or the double?"

a dual duel

👩‍🦰👩‍🦰 "Dual" (2022) 

I bet if you live in the world where high school sports is fighting your clone to the death (or whatever this is) they probably don't let you move to countries where you don't gotta fight your clone to the death

👩‍🦰👩‍🦰 "Dual" (2022) 

if you've ever wanted to see Karen Gillan eat an absurd amount of coins boy do I have a film for you

👩‍🦰👩‍🦰 "Dual" (2022) 

"When you know you're going to die you can have yourself cloned so that your loved ones won't have to suffer the loss of you."

how convenient

👩‍🦰👩‍🦰 "Dual" (2022) 

"You've gone into complete remission. You're not dying anymore."

don't you hate it when you get yourself cloned because you're dying and then you fail to die

👩‍🦰👩‍🦰 "Dual" (2022) 

everyone in this has a very odd, distinct way of speaking

👩‍🦰👩‍🦰 "Dual" (2022) 

"Your double has filed a motion to stay."
"What do you mean, 'stay'."

this'll be where the dual duel starts

👩‍🦰👩‍🦰 "Dual" (2022) 

If I had to fight my clone to the death I would simply agree with my clone not to do that

👩‍🦰👩‍🦰 "Dual" (2022) 

"You should-a used the gun. Always use the gun if it's an option."
"I know, I just... I find guns to be boring and overused."


👩‍🦰👩‍🦰 "Dual" (2022) 

an odd, compelling take on the There's Two Of You And It's Complicated genre

Leaving now to go see 2021's "After Yang." #171, or #821.

Not entirely sure what it's about, Colin Farrell being sad about robots maybe? I'll watch Colin Farrell be sad about robots.

A wonderfully thoughtful and contemplative picture about what it means to be all sorts of things, and, more specifically, what it means to be at complicated intersections between those things.

And also Colin Farrell being sad about robots.

And /also/ Colin Farrell doing a Werner Herzog impression.

#172, or #822, I'm watching the tea documentary referenced in #171, #821, 2021's "After Yang," 2007's "All in This Tea."

Will I have anything to say about it? Impossible to say.

It's all a bit a white guy going Oh The Ancient Chinese Rituals Of It All mixed with pretty dry (wet?) documentation of the tea business in China circa 1997.

But I can see why Colin Farrell's character in 2021's "After Yang" was into this.

Let's watch the opposite of that, #173, or #823, 1997's "Air Bud."

🐶 🏀 "Air Bud" (1997) 

Had no idea the origin story of Airagar Budagon was he fucks over his clown owner and then falls off the back of the clown's clown truck.

🐶 🏀 "Air Bud" (1997) 

this bush is a natural basketball player

🐶 🏀 "Air Bud" (1997) 

The kid has been made manager of the team (the "Timberwolves") mostly for showing up and forgetting to leave, which, you know, that's about the standards you expect from the team that's about to hire a labrador.

🐶 🏀 "Air Bud" (1997) 

this dog is a goddamned menace

🐶 🏀 "Air Bud" (1997) 

"The Simmons twins moved to Canada, god knows why."

imagine getting outdone at sports team tryouts by a DOG

🐶 🏀 "Air Bud" (1997) 

this dog has exactly one (1) trick, to bump a ball off his nose (learned it from being a clown dog, see)

I feel like I would probably be a better basketball player than a dog with one (1) trick

🐶 🏀 "Air Bud" (1997) 

Timberwolves v Warriors, no dog on the team yet, so naturally I'm totally uninvested in how this game goes

the dog is watching from the sidelines though, presumably learning basketball-- oop, he just ran onto the field

re: 🎸 "Torn Hearts" (2022) 

@Alexis eyeball in a jar, the Nickelodeon "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" level of horror tropes

re: 🎸 "Torn Hearts" (2022) 

@Alexis (I have no idea if you had that show over there, let me know if this comment doesn't play)

re: 🎸 "Torn Hearts" (2022) 

@The_T (We didn't, or if we did I didn't watch it, but I'm assuming Goosebumps tier horror?)

re: 🎸 "Torn Hearts" (2022) 

@Alexis oh, absolutely, exactly the right description

re: 🎸 "Torn Hearts" (2022) 

@The_T Also some fingers and ears, real "what if a country singer was also a Victorian era mid-tier mad scientist" vibes.

re: 🎸 "Torn Hearts" (2022) 

@Alexis when I was out of dishes, I used a big murder knife to spread mayo on a sandwich

re: 🎸 "Torn Hearts" (2022) 

@The_T a big murder knife is a versatile tool with a bad reputation, really

re: 🎸 "Torn Hearts" (2022) 

@Alexis those knives that look like 🔪 tend to be super blunt and bad at cutting anyway; at least the ones I have.

re: 🎸 "Torn Hearts" (2022) 

@The_T Yeah, that's the kind.

Probably still good for a sharp jab and stab, mind.

re: 🎸 "Torn Hearts" (2022) 

@Alexis I dunno, I feel like it'd be stabbing someone with a pen

like yeah you'd break skin, but

re: 🎸 "Torn Hearts" (2022), hypothetical violence like in a horror movie 

@The_T You don't think a classic, standard 🔪 would go into a stomach or a neck pretty well?

Maybe not through a skull or whatever, not without that Michael Myers/Jason Voorhees-style unstoppable wall strength.

re: 🎸 "Torn Hearts" (2022), hypothetical violence like in a horror movie 

@Alexis I genuinely don't! In a real world, non-horror film setting, I think it would be like a really painful poke, no different from breaking skin with a pin

re: 🎸 "Torn Hearts" (2022), hypothetical violence like in a horror movie 

@The_T you know what, you’re probably right (big pin, tho)

(or maybe your 🔪 is just shittier than mine?)

@Alexis "We saw one of these disoriented or deranged robots head towards the mountains, with 5000 km ahead of it it is heading towards certain death."

🐶 🏀 "Air Bud" (1997) 

@Alexis Not against the rules, though.

🐶 🏀 "Air Bud" (1997) 

@kurt Most American states do actually have laws against this exact kind of mischief.

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