hard to tell exactly what is happening but it sure appears to be doing so

@Alexis omg Eric from Sex Education! He was great at that role I thought.

@bright_helpings I'd never heard of him -- that show looks way too horny for me -- but, like, yeah, I'm watching some clips, I can see it. Exciting!

@Alexis (I only watched the first season, maybe a little more, and I liked it okay but yeah anyone who thinks it's too horny for them is probably right. :))

My only real complaint is that I'm only 40 so I shouldn't be able to keep thinking "gosh the Doctors are so young these days," which was the (initial) problem for me with Tenant and Smith.

I've no idea who he is as I've not seen anything he's been in, but it's a massive progressive step for the show. I loved the inclusiveness Jodie represented when she took over, even though I didn't like her portrayal (or maybe her storylines). I'm slightly disappointed Jo Martin didn't get the role as she was stunning as the unknown incarnation, but let's hope he gets decent scripts.
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