if Sneak Preview tomorrow is what I'm hoping it is, that'll be a good #150/#800.


> what do I think it is

It's not gonna be Dr Strange, it's never a sequel, it's never been a major Disney release,

but "Everything Everywhere All at Once" has been out in other markets for a while and is coming out here later this month, it's a real word-of-mouth movie, so

@Alexis I thought recently about watching that but didn't realize it was still only in theaters

@Alexis *looks it up* hey it came out in March here!! but no apparently it still is in US theaters in some places... but really get it on video already, jeez

@The_T They did a limited release first and then only expanded to a wider release not that long ago, I think.

But yeah, EEAAO (and on his farm he had a) is gonna do gangbusters on on-demand and such, it's got ridiculous buzz.

@Alexis lmao I knew all that and was gonna type it but between being at work right now my brain went into Twitter mode "type something short"

but yeah, I bet it is, hell if even I got the hype when I barely watch movies...

hope you get to see it today!

@The_T Well, tomorrow.

If not in the next 24 hours, then in the next few weeks!

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