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#112, or #762, 2021's "Boiling Point," which I understand to be a one-shot thriller set in a restaurant kitchen? That sounds good, yeah, I'll watch that.

Leaving now to go see #113, or #763, 2022's "Sonic the Hedgehog 2." I'm running slightly late, though, so I guess I, too, gotta go fast.

#114, or #764, at this point I think I've seen more deconstructions and reconstructions of the slasher genre than I have actual slashers, 2015's "The Final Girls."

#115, or #765, 1939 Best Picture nominee "The Wizard of Oz."

#116, or #766, this seems like a good one for while I'm still slumped over from hay fever, 2022's "Turning Red."

#117, or #767, 1939 Best Picture nominee "Mr Smith Goes to Washington."

I understand this had some substantial real-world impact, and Frank Capra is generally pretty good, but does a political drama from 1939 hold up, like, at all?

#118, or #768, leaving now to go see 2021 Best Picture nominee "Belfast."

Which leaves me with just three I haven't seen, two of which I don't think ever played here ("CODA," "Drive My Car") and one of which filled me with apathy every time I looked at the poster. ("Nightmare Alley")

#119, or #769, leaving now to go see 2021's "The Man with the Answers."

Gay European road trip thing I think? Let's find out.

#120, or #770, 2006's "Marie Antoinette," which looks very pastel.

#121, or #771, leaving now for an 11am screening of 2022's "The Lost City," which really should have retained its original title "The Lost City of D."

#122, or #772, 2022 pandemic filmmaking comedy that dropped exactly too late "The Bubble."

#123, or #773, 1939 Best Picture nominee "Ninotchka."

Which I'm pretty sure was primarily marketed with the tag line "Garbo Laughs !", so that's probably not a great sign.

#124, or #774, you'd really think I would-a seen the time loop wedding comedy at some point but I haven't, 2020's "Love Wedding Repeat."

#125, or #775, 2021 depression-in-a-house horror picture "The Night House," solely because of this one shot, god-damn.

:twitter: 🔗

#126, or #776, 2022's "Fresh," in which Seb Stan is a... cannibal? A zombie? Look, if you watch a movie every day, sometimes you just pop one on and hope for the best.

This is what we've been Caging ever onwards to.



Leaving now to finally go see 2022's "The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent."

#128, or #778, I was once again reminded there's only three movies by one notable director that I haven't seen yet when I've seen all his other ones, so fuck it, let's go.

From 2004, Zack Snyder's "Dawn of the Dead."

you know, I think this might be the exact movie I think of when I say I'm not into zombie movies

we watched it at school, no idea what the context was, when I was like 15 or 16, and I found it deeply unpleasant

but I liked "Army of the Dead," so

#129, or #779, another random movie just because somebody on letterboxd made it sound interesting and that's good enough for me, 2021 blind home invasion thriller "See For Me."

#130, or #780, at @kurt's absolutely whole-hearted and unequivocal recommendation, 1967 Canadian experimental room film "Wavelength."

#131, or #81, this one can't possibly be particularly offensive, SURELY, the second of the three unwatched Zack Snyder movies, 2010's "Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole."

#132, or #782, 2020 Japanese sci-fi comedy "Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes," which I think is about a café owner who discovers his TV can see a whole two minutes into the future.

#133, or #783, let's follow that one up with the one everyone on Letterboxd compared it to, 2017 Japanese one shot zombie comedy "One Cut of the Dead."

#134, or #784, the last Zack Snyder I haven't seen, 2011's "Sucker Punch."

#135, or #785, leaving now to go see-- Well, it's Sneak Preview again, so I don't know yet.

It's probably 2022's "Morbius." But it could be anything.

(But it's "Morbius.")

#136, or #786, sure, I'll watch a dumb one about a cursed video game, 2022's "Choose or Die."

#138, or #788, I've randomly put on 2022's "No Exit."

bet they find one at the end

let's clear some things out from my downloads folder

*rolls some dice, flips a coin*

#139, or #789, 2022's "Deep Water," which I don't know anything about, except that there was Discourse that I've definitely already missed the window on.

#140, or #790, 2020's "Looks That Kill," about a young man who's... so handsome just looking at his face is lethal? Sure.

#141, or #791, 2000's "American Psycho," which I'm pretty sure is about Christian Bale (murderman) pretending to be Christian Bale (not a murderman)

#142, or #792, I understand this started production as an entirely unrelated film that was changed to be what it is now while they were already filming, 2002's "American Psycho II: All American Girl."

#143, or #793, 2019's "One Cut of the Dead in Hollywood."

#143.1, or #793.1, point-one because this one's only 26 minutes long, way under the Academy's definition of "feature film," so I'm not allowed to count it, but I still wanted to thread it, 2020's "One Cut of the Dead Mission: Remote."

#144, or #794, 2020's "Spontaneous," which I think is a teen romcom set in a world where people can and do just spontaneously explode?

I'm sure this won't be extremely relatable to me, who has lived through more than two years of a global pandemic.

#145, or #795, 2014's "Unfriended."

Is this ghostmurdercrime by murderghost observed over video chat or just regular murdercrime by a murdercrimesman observed over video chat? Only one way to find out.

#146, or #796, leaving now to go see 2022 DreamWorks picture "The Bad Guys."

#147, or #797, I randomly downloaded this a while ago and then the other day it came up in something I was listening to -- or, well, the original play did -- so that's enough reason for me, 1992's "Noises Off."

I was gonna go see 2022's "Downton Abbey: A New Era" with my mom tomorrow, so the plan for today was to watch 2019's "Downton Abbey" -- having got through three seasons of the show -- but then my parents' car had a nervous breakdown, so that's been postponed.

Instead, one of those Letterboxd never shuts the fuck up about, #148, or #798, 1994 Chinese picture "Chunking Express."


Another one that's been on the pile for a while, no idea what it's about, #149, or #799, 2021's "C'mon C'mon."

you know, for all that I didn't think 2019's "Joker" was any good, I don't really think about it that much

so I guess I can look at Joaquin Phoenix without getting annoyed

📻 "C'mon C'mon" (2021) 

he plays here a public radiosman who interviews kids, you know, that kind of show

I assume he's about to learn some new things about life from hanging out with a kid, you know, that kind of movie

📻 "C'mon C'mon" (2021) 

I don't really have anything to say about this

it's fine

it's, you know, pleasant

#150, or #800, but I don't know what it is yet, leaving now for Sneak Preview.

I did my Sneak Preview guessing last night.

Couldn’t have been more wrong — it was 2022 WW2 spy picture “Operation Mincemeat.”

2022’s “Operation Mincemeat,” or “hey girl what if we RP’d our OC’s so hard even the Nazis will think they’re canon.”

Don't usually go in for war pictures, but, you know, Sneak Preview.

Enjoyed it well enough. Helps that the emphasis was on in-door spy stuff over combat, mostly set in various London rooms.

Not much else to say about it. Solid historical drama. I like most of these actors, it's nice to see'm. Romantic element works well enough.

Ian Fleming's a side character, for presumably historically accurate reasons, to discover he ought-a write a book about this stuff, maybe.

I wouldn't have gone to see this if not for Sneak Preview, but that's a good audience to see something like this with, the regulars all laugh at all the same dumb shit I laugh at.

#151, or #801, leaving now to go see 2022's "Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness."

> in the morning??

we've been over this

spoiler culture is a shitter

these movies are theme park rides, if you're into them, there's not actually words you can say that will really diminish the effect of a sharp turn or a loop de loop

yet if I say "Howard the Duck dies in this," there WILL be people who'll be mad at me, or, worse, maybe, people who'll be silently really annoyed with me

that makes these movies... hard to talk about on twitter, so now all I really say about them afterwards is "a blast, obviously."

fucking hate that

my perspective on these is always,

broadly critical of Disney as a corporation

not a big fan of the effect these have had on the larger culture

they're also kind of a dream come true

and seeing them in a theatre with two hundred people is a wonderfully joyous experience that I value immensely

:doctorstrange: "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness" (2022), dead duck do not eat 

it's /fun/ to be on the same page as two hundred other people when you're excited (cheers, woos, clapping) to see Hayley Atwell as Captain Carter, and it's /fun/ to then be the only person in the room excited to see Anson Mount as Black Bolt (stone dead silence)

and then to be the only one laughing in that dead silence? fucking hilarious

just self-eval now, nothing about the movie 

So why are these so frustrating for me to talk about online? (Easier here, for obvious reasons.)

I highlight one moment in the previous post -- I clearly had fun. I like this franchise, enjoyed this instalment.

I don't follow or engage with these types of people, I don't really go on those reddits.

What's the wall I'm walking into made of, and who built it?

just self-eval now, nothing about the movie 

"Howard the Duck dies in this" wouldn't ruin any friendships, surely. No, I think anyone I care about is a mature, sensible person.

Is this just scar tissue from being Online for fifteen years? (Or GamerGate, specifically, still?)

:doctorstrange: "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness" (2022), some scattered thoughts 

* I think Wanda gets a good arc, that everyone will hate. She definitely should've talked through this with somebody more emotionally mature, but also, who would she listen to, I guess.
* It's nice that Rachel McAdams gets to do stuff this time.
* No progress on Mordo's arc at all, the only Mordo we get is a multiverse one. (Kept expecting a "the real Mordo all along" twist.)
* America Chavez kicks ass.

:doctorstrange: "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness" (2022), America Chavez 

* America Chavez who, by the way, specifically has two (unnamed) moms, and prominently wears a rainbow flag pin, which isn't good enough, but still nice.
* But I mean, she's a teenager in perpetual forward peril the whole time, when would it even come up.

nothing about the movie 

"Perpetual Forward Peril" is a good title for something, and you can't have it, I've got dibs.

☎️ "Sorry To Bother You" (2018) 

"You ever think about this WorryFree shit?"

that just looks like prison you apply for

might be a step up, in America

☎️ "Sorry To Bother You" (2018) 

this is already making me feel insane and I don't even work here

☎️ "Sorry To Bother You" (2018) 

"Like apples... and the Holocaust."

yeah that sounds like capitalism alright

☎️ "Sorry To Bother You" (2018) 

oh what the fuck

☎️ "Sorry To Bother You" (2018) 

I stand by my previous statement.

Terrific, obviously.

#153, or #803, 1971's "THX 1138."

You know, for a guy who kinda transformed the motion picture blockbuster /twice/, Lucas' work outside of Star Wars and Indiana Jones never really comes up as much as you'd think.

reverse credits? at the start of the movie?

consider my bean freaked

wait do I need to have seen "THX" through "THX 1137"

👨‍🦲 "THX 1138" (1971) 

this is like a boring episode of "Black Mirror"

@Alexis one of the highlights from last years “maybe an Oscar contender?” batch. (Didn’t get any nominations in the end, but we have no regrets watching it to get out in front of them)

@arthurwyatt Yeah, it was on the to-watch list because it was on all the Oscar buzz lists. I can see why!

I can also totally see why this didn't beat the movies that did get nominated.

@Alexis better than a couple that did, IMHO. But we see that every year.

@Alexis While historically accurate it was weird seeing Roald Dahl looking at all the spy stuff and going "hmm, yes, a madman giving away a chocolate factory"

@kurt At one point he picks up a watch that has a little rotating saw blade in it, and goes "hmm, yes, this would look great on Roger Moore's wrist."

no way home spoilers 

@Alexis Can't believe I was spoiled and told the spiderman movie with all the spidermen in it had all the spidermen in it.

re: :doctorstrange: "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness" (2022), dead duck do not eat Stone dead silence is actually the most Black Bolt thing of all

re: :doctorstrange: "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness" (2022), dead duck do not eat 

@skysailor lmao

You're right!

re: nothing about the movie 

@skysailor If I had any musical talent whatsoever I'd be starting so many bands.

nothing about the movie 

@Alexis The Asylum's Continuously Advancing Danger

@Alexis god dammit, so you're telling me Howard the Duck doesn't die?

worst movie ever

@The_T The least these fucking movies could do is kill the poor bastard.

@Alexis "it's actually an alternate universe version of him, Howard the Sorcerer, Duck Supreme, who dies. He's voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch."

Doctor Strange spoiler question 

@Alexis I do want to ask one spoiler question, and would just like a yes or no:

using the same logic that No Way Home introduced the 2 other Spider-series into a reading order; is Multiverse of Madness going to add any other films/anything else into a reading order?

Doctor Strange spoiler question 

@The_T I'm gonna say, no, but it's complicated.

it being complicated, fine if you don't read this, I don't get Too Specific 

@The_T The Illuminati characters are all from one, specific, previously unseen universe, and they're /not/ versions we've seen before.

But obviously I think you do get more out of at least one of those cameos if you've seen the other movie or movies that actor has played that character in before.

re: it being complicated, fine if you don't read this, I don't get Too Specific 

@Alexis I was going to guess it was exactly this, yeah.

re: it being complicated, fine if you don't read this, I don't get Too Specific 

@The_T There's enough there that's clearly from other sources that they're all just meant to be "the idea of" the character, more than "the character you've seen before."

re: it being complicated, fine if you don't read this, I don't get Too Specific 

@Alexis and if it's the character I'm thinking of... the multiple movies set in that universe seemed to work on that principal anyway, with how they handled continuity. (it's X-Men.)

re: it being complicated, fine if you don't read this, I don't get Too Specific 

@The_T Frankly, if you're this kind of completist, you're watching those already, anyway.

re: it being complicated, fine if you don't read this, I don't get Too Specific 

@Alexis I think I somehow have seen all the X-Men films; although the majority of them were a random binge watch last year or so?

There might have been a newer one I haven't seen yet; is New Mutants one, I have not seen that if so

re: it being complicated, fine if you don't read this, I don't get Too Specific 

@The_T "New Mutants" is legally an X-Men movie, but the actual connective tissue is /so/ thin it's practically a Hulu MCU show.

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