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#100, or #750, 1920 German silent film "Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari," or, "The Cabinet of Dr Caligari."

You know, not a hard translation, that title.

#101, or #751, from the "I download random movies sometimes without really looking what they're about" pile, 1985's "Lost in America."

Let's watch another one, (incidentally putting me on an average of exactly one (1) movie a day since the official start of the pandemic in my country,) #103, or #753, 2022's "The Adam Project."

Leaving now to go see #104, or #754, 2021's "Licorice Pizza."

About to head out to go see-- Well, I don't know yet, it's a Sneak Preview screening, but it's probably 2022's "Moonfall"? #105, or #755.

#106, or #756, 2022's "Windfall," because sometimes you just hit play on a random new release on Netflix.

#107, or #757, 1986's "¡Three Amigos!", because they-- because they watch it in 2022's "Windfall" and I thought, hey, I could go for a Steve Martin/Martin Short comedy, good idea.

#108, or #758, 1987's "Ishtar," another one about people getting Tropic Thunder'd, apparently known as one of the worst movies ever made, because @thiskurt brought it up.

#109, or #759, 2016's "Swiss Army Man," which is the one about Paul Dano using Daniel Radcliffe's farting dead body as a boat and such. (I've seen it before.)

#110, or #760, 1939 Best Picture nominee "Dark Victory."

No idea what it's about, I think Ronald Reagan might be in it?

#111, or #761, I don't know what the right relationship between this movie and me eating some crisps is, but I've got some, anyway, it's 1939 Best Picture nominee "Goodbye, Mr Chips."

#112, or #762, 2021's "Boiling Point," which I understand to be a one-shot thriller set in a restaurant kitchen? That sounds good, yeah, I'll watch that.

Leaving now to go see #113, or #763, 2022's "Sonic the Hedgehog 2." I'm running slightly late, though, so I guess I, too, gotta go fast.

#114, or #764, at this point I think I've seen more deconstructions and reconstructions of the slasher genre than I have actual slashers, 2015's "The Final Girls."

#115, or #765, 1939 Best Picture nominee "The Wizard of Oz."

#116, or #766, this seems like a good one for while I'm still slumped over from hay fever, 2022's "Turning Red."

#117, or #767, 1939 Best Picture nominee "Mr Smith Goes to Washington."

I understand this had some substantial real-world impact, and Frank Capra is generally pretty good, but does a political drama from 1939 hold up, like, at all?

#118, or #768, leaving now to go see 2021 Best Picture nominee "Belfast."

Which leaves me with just three I haven't seen, two of which I don't think ever played here ("CODA," "Drive My Car") and one of which filled me with apathy every time I looked at the poster. ("Nightmare Alley")

#119, or #769, leaving now to go see 2021's "The Man with the Answers."

Gay European road trip thing I think? Let's find out.

#120, or #770, 2006's "Marie Antoinette," which looks very pastel.

#121, or #771, leaving now for an 11am screening of 2022's "The Lost City," which really should have retained its original title "The Lost City of D."

#122, or #772, 2022 pandemic filmmaking comedy that dropped exactly too late "The Bubble."

#123, or #773, 1939 Best Picture nominee "Ninotchka."

Which I'm pretty sure was primarily marketed with the tag line "Garbo Laughs !", so that's probably not a great sign.

#124, or #774, you'd really think I would-a seen the time loop wedding comedy at some point but I haven't, 2020's "Love Wedding Repeat."

#125, or #775, 2021 depression-in-a-house horror picture "The Night House," solely because of this one shot, god-damn.

:twitter: 🔗

#126, or #776, 2022's "Fresh," in which Seb Stan is a... cannibal? A zombie? Look, if you watch a movie every day, sometimes you just pop one on and hope for the best.

This is what we've been Caging ever onwards to.



Leaving now to finally go see 2022's "The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent."

#128, or #778, I was once again reminded there's only three movies by one notable director that I haven't seen yet when I've seen all his other ones, so fuck it, let's go.

From 2004, Zack Snyder's "Dawn of the Dead."

you know, I think this might be the exact movie I think of when I say I'm not into zombie movies

we watched it at school, no idea what the context was, when I was like 15 or 16, and I found it deeply unpleasant

but I liked "Army of the Dead," so

#129, or #779, another random movie just because somebody on letterboxd made it sound interesting and that's good enough for me, 2021 blind home invasion thriller "See For Me."

#130, or #780, at @kurt's absolutely whole-hearted and unequivocal recommendation, 1967 Canadian experimental room film "Wavelength."

#131, or #81, this one can't possibly be particularly offensive, SURELY, the second of the three unwatched Zack Snyder movies, 2010's "Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole."

#132, or #782, 2020 Japanese sci-fi comedy "Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes," which I think is about a café owner who discovers his TV can see a whole two minutes into the future.

#133, or #783, let's follow that one up with the one everyone on Letterboxd compared it to, 2017 Japanese one shot zombie comedy "One Cut of the Dead."

#134, or #784, the last Zack Snyder I haven't seen, 2011's "Sucker Punch."

#135, or #785, leaving now to go see-- Well, it's Sneak Preview again, so I don't know yet.

It's probably 2022's "Morbius." But it could be anything.

(But it's "Morbius.")

#136, or #786, sure, I'll watch a dumb one about a cursed video game, 2022's "Choose or Die."

everyone at this 1982 video game world championship would be instantly incinerated by footage of basically any modern speedrun

:pacman: "Pixels" (2015) 

some decent jokes here, I start typing, as Sandler rambles into some boring misogyny

:pacman: "Pixels" (2015) 

I need to know more about the Kevin James presidency

what did he campaign on

is he a Democrat or a Republican

how did he do in New Hampshire

:pacman: "Pixels" (2015) 

the aliens communicate through deepfakes of 1982 television

I'd assume it was internet trolls way before I'd get to aliens.

:pacman: "Pixels" (2015) 

this fuckin sucks but it's also fun

:pacman: "Pixels" (2015) 

"I will talk to [Pac-Man], he's my son!"

i mean all of these video game creatures are clearly alien-made simulacra they're not the real thing by any reasonable stretch of the

you know what, never mind

:pacman: "Pixels" (2015) 


but fun, in its way

...absolutely horrendous treatment of every single woman character aside, jesus

#138, or #788, I've randomly put on 2022's "No Exit."

bet they find one at the end

🚪 "No Exit" (2022) 

stuck in involuntary rehab, Darby gets a call that her mom has had a medical emergency

so she makes a run for it and eight minutes in she's already out

more like Yes Exit

🚪 "No Exit" (2022) 

being stuck in a car in the middle of a blizzard is also a kind of No Exit

🚪 "No Exit" (2022) 

"You can either head back down, or I opened up the Visitors' Center for some folks."

given the blizzard, I'm guessing the Visitors' Center is also a hard No re: Exits

🚪 "No Exit" (2022) 

there's a cut in this motion picture that's meant to imply she's pouring her white powder drugs into her coffee, but instead it's five sachets of sugar

in a small coffee??? girl you're gonna be on the ceiling

🚪 "No Exit" (2022) 

she's now left the Visitors' Center to stroll around the parking lot in the blizzard (once again, Yes Exit) and appears to have discovered a small child stuck in a van (No Exit)

the duality of Exit

🚪 "No Exit" (2022) 

she's escaped the Visitors' Centre to try and free the kid without whoever locked them in the van noticing through a hole in the back of a storage room

just can't stop Exiting

🚪 "No Exit" (2022) 

oh I was assuming it would be a mystery who did the kidnapping

🚪 "No Exit" (2022) 

"How many men were there?"

oh it's a mystery agai-- oh welp question answered immediately

🚪 "No Exit" (2022) 

"Mrs Lowery?"

oh an actual twist

🚪 "No Exit" (2022) 

a pretty obvious one, mind

🚪 "No Exit" (2022) 

this nail gun is more effective than i've seen a lot of bullet guns be

🚪 "No Exit" (2022) 

better directed than written, but like, that was fine

several exits found

running in and out of the building all over the place

let's clear some things out from my downloads folder

*rolls some dice, flips a coin*

#139, or #789, 2022's "Deep Water," which I don't know anything about, except that there was Discourse that I've definitely already missed the window on.

sometimes I go "I'm not as convinced Ben Affleck is a good actor as everyone else seems to be" but really, I've seen functionally nothing he's been in since the 90s that wasn't a superhero movie

🌊 "Deep Water" (2022) 

I think I might be too asexual for this one, pals.

🌊 "Deep Water" (2022) 

however this ends up going, all of it could've been prevented by a well-written /r/relationships post where everyone tells these dickheads they need to get divorced, like, yesterday

🌊 "Deep Water" (2022) 

you know, if I was two for three on extramarital boyfriends dying under unclear circumstances, I would maybe cool it on the passive-aggressive cuckolding for a little bit

🌊 "Deep Water" (2022) 

like not to blame anyone who's presumably not involved in the murdercrimes but at a certain point if the woodchipper is on 80% of the time, giving people a good shove in front of the woodchipper does start to resemble a pattern

🌊 "Deep Water" (2022) 

also I would simply not do the murdercrimes, that's also a reasonable thing a person could do

like damn Ben Affleck get a hobby

🌊 "Deep Water" (2022) 

returning to the scene of the crime, famously a good idea many have found good fortune having

🌊 "Deep Water" (2022) 

just aggressively Not For Me in like seven distinct and unpleasant ways

but also, probably not very good? i'm not super... qualified to be able to tell

#140, or #790, 2020's "Looks That Kill," about a young man who's... so handsome just looking at his face is lethal? Sure.

If I had a lethally handsome face I would simply be unstoppable.

🕶️ "Looks That Kill" (2020) 

I dunno why you'd ever go for the Invisible Man bandages instead of, you know, a Phantom of the Opera mask. Or even a wide variety of masks.

(...Would half-face exposure do anything, or does it *need* to be the whole zone at once.)

🕶️ "Looks That Kill" (2020) 

he could always just move to Europe and start a euthanasia clinic

🕶️ "Looks That Kill" (2020) 

the problem is you can just look up online what this guy looks like and honestly i'm not convinced

🕶️ "Looks That Kill" (2020) 

this guy could easily be in the X-Men

🕶️ "Looks That Kill" (2020) 

the girl he's been hanging around with has "any strong emotion will make her heart grow and eventually explode"-disease, which

there does seem to be a brief moment of euphoria when people see the face, so, you know

🕶️ "Looks That Kill" (2020) 

he's really not covering up that much of his face without the shades, so, like

lethally handsome nose, at most.

🕶️ "Looks That Kill" (2020) 

oh I guess he starts doing the euthanasia right at home in the US

why else introduce a retirement home, I guess

🕶️ "Looks That Kill" (2020) 

I was kinda here more for the exploring of the silly concept than for the angsty teen romance, but I figured it'd be more of the latter, and more of the latter it was.

Still, you know, as angsty teen romcoms about chronic diseases go, I'd rather watch one with a silly concept than one without.

#141, or #791, 2000's "American Psycho," which I'm pretty sure is about Christian Bale (murderman) pretending to be Christian Bale (not a murderman)

There's that business card scene?

The frequency with which I simply do not know what a movie is about-- fucking hell, is Jared Leto in this.

you know what I can see why you'd cast this guy as the Bat-Man

🔪 "American Psycho" (2000) 

Bale plays a great pastiche of this exact kind of dickhead, very Cage in "Vampire's Kiss," but it's all played so straight it's not hard to imagine there were (are?) people for who this was their "Joker," their "Fight Club," if you know what I mean.

🔪 "American Psycho" (2000) 

"New card. What do you think?"


🔪 "American Psycho" (2000) 

"Oh my god. It even has a watermark."

well time to kill Jared Leto about his watermark

@Alexis Now I totally want the ending of The Wizard that replaces all the gameplay footage with Mario 3 speedrun clips

re: :pacman:​ "Pixels" (2015) 

@Alexis I haven't seen this Kamen Rider film, but I truly believe this film wouldn't exist if it wasn't for Pixels

re: :pacman:​ "Pixels" (2015) 

@Alexis also i think Namco had some deal that Pac-Man had to have top billing in the subtitle

re: :pacman:​ "Pixels" (2015) 

@The_T Wow, that's a crossover I was not aware of.

Weird trend to depict Pac-Man as evil in some way, you're probably right about it existing because of "Pixels."

re: :pacman:​ "Pixels" (2015) 

@Alexis yeah, I *think* it's like some kind of computer virus or something, themed after Pac-Man, and not literally Pac-Man entering their world? But it is still, very weird. The show it's from, Ex-Aid, is also based on the concept of gaming (although most everything in it is a fake game based on real games), but who knows if Ex-Aid being based on games would have even happened if not for Pixels or something.

Tokusatsu is weird and great. I should get back to watching it, I stopped for a few weeks...

@Alexis the real exit was the friends we made along the way

🌊 "Deep Water" (2022) 

@Alexis I can assure you you're right on the money on this one again. Unwatchable, painful, and we only watched half of it because we thought the other one was enjoying it. This happens occasionally.

🌊 "Deep Water" (2022) 

@Alisca I never turn a movie off if I've properly started it, but I won't lie, it took me maybe ten minutes before I opened Clip Studio and just did some shading for most of it.

Back half hour, when they actually start to do some of the murder suspense stuff, it kinda picks up a bit, but still, not great.

🌊 "Deep Water" (2022) 

@Alexis Woh my god we're like savages. Films and shows are cast into an arena. They either die in battle or win BAFTAS. It's brutal! We have a saying: "so much content; so little time."

considering this to it's logical extreme 

@Alexis I feel like it would be a pretty ineffective tool, like.

If you wanted to lay low but also never have to work, you could kill everyone in a bank and take the money, and if you somehow manage that and lay low, you'd have to wear some kind of mask to not kill people when you go shopping or pay rent.

Obviously the "better" option would be to kill your landlord, but it ends up leaving you open to too much risk. Cops show up, and you manage to get them to look at you before they shoot you? It's just gonna mean more cops.

It'd be extremely difficult to lay low without over planning every last thing you do.

considering this to it's logical extreme 

@The_T The trick to the bank robbery is to look into every security camera a lot.

Assuming that works.

But yeah, a whole bunch of cops dying of heart attacks chasing somebody with a lethal face will inevitably just lead to a whole bunch of cops showing up, say, at night, or wearing some kind of special goggles or whatever.

Every death so far the cops have apparently just gone "weird coincidence he was here again" about.

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