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#96, or #746, I don't know if this is actually spoopy or just violence in a house, 2019's "Ready or Not."

#97, or #747, 1939 Best Picture nominee "Wuthering Heights."

This is the classic of English-language literature everyone I've ever seen talk about fucking hates, I think.

#98, or #748, I continue to ignore discourse about current films by simply hiding in a different century altogether, it's 1939 Best Picture nominee "Love Affair."

#100, or #750, 1920 German silent film "Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari," or, "The Cabinet of Dr Caligari."

You know, not a hard translation, that title.

#101, or #751, from the "I download random movies sometimes without really looking what they're about" pile, 1985's "Lost in America."

Let's watch another one, (incidentally putting me on an average of exactly one (1) movie a day since the official start of the pandemic in my country,) #103, or #753, 2022's "The Adam Project."

Leaving now to go see #104, or #754, 2021's "Licorice Pizza."

About to head out to go see-- Well, I don't know yet, it's a Sneak Preview screening, but it's probably 2022's "Moonfall"? #105, or #755.

#106, or #756, 2022's "Windfall," because sometimes you just hit play on a random new release on Netflix.

#107, or #757, 1986's "¡Three Amigos!", because they-- because they watch it in 2022's "Windfall" and I thought, hey, I could go for a Steve Martin/Martin Short comedy, good idea.

#108, or #758, 1987's "Ishtar," another one about people getting Tropic Thunder'd, apparently known as one of the worst movies ever made, because @thiskurt brought it up.

#109, or #759, 2016's "Swiss Army Man," which is the one about Paul Dano using Daniel Radcliffe's farting dead body as a boat and such. (I've seen it before.)

#110, or #760, 1939 Best Picture nominee "Dark Victory."

No idea what it's about, I think Ronald Reagan might be in it?

#111, or #761, I don't know what the right relationship between this movie and me eating some crisps is, but I've got some, anyway, it's 1939 Best Picture nominee "Goodbye, Mr Chips."

#112, or #762, 2021's "Boiling Point," which I understand to be a one-shot thriller set in a restaurant kitchen? That sounds good, yeah, I'll watch that.

Leaving now to go see #113, or #763, 2022's "Sonic the Hedgehog 2." I'm running slightly late, though, so I guess I, too, gotta go fast.

#114, or #764, at this point I think I've seen more deconstructions and reconstructions of the slasher genre than I have actual slashers, 2015's "The Final Girls."

#115, or #765, 1939 Best Picture nominee "The Wizard of Oz."

#116, or #766, this seems like a good one for while I'm still slumped over from hay fever, 2022's "Turning Red."

#117, or #767, 1939 Best Picture nominee "Mr Smith Goes to Washington."

I understand this had some substantial real-world impact, and Frank Capra is generally pretty good, but does a political drama from 1939 hold up, like, at all?

#118, or #768, leaving now to go see 2021 Best Picture nominee "Belfast."

Which leaves me with just three I haven't seen, two of which I don't think ever played here ("CODA," "Drive My Car") and one of which filled me with apathy every time I looked at the poster. ("Nightmare Alley")

#119, or #769, leaving now to go see 2021's "The Man with the Answers."

Gay European road trip thing I think? Let's find out.

#120, or #770, 2006's "Marie Antoinette," which looks very pastel.

#121, or #771, leaving now for an 11am screening of 2022's "The Lost City," which really should have retained its original title "The Lost City of D."

#122, or #772, 2022 pandemic filmmaking comedy that dropped exactly too late "The Bubble."

#123, or #773, 1939 Best Picture nominee "Ninotchka."

Which I'm pretty sure was primarily marketed with the tag line "Garbo Laughs !", so that's probably not a great sign.

#124, or #774, you'd really think I would-a seen the time loop wedding comedy at some point but I haven't, 2020's "Love Wedding Repeat."

#125, or #775, 2021 depression-in-a-house horror picture "The Night House," solely because of this one shot, god-damn.

:twitter: 🔗

#126, or #776, 2022's "Fresh," in which Seb Stan is a... cannibal? A zombie? Look, if you watch a movie every day, sometimes you just pop one on and hope for the best.

This is what we've been Caging ever onwards to.



Leaving now to finally go see 2022's "The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent."

#128, or #778, I was once again reminded there's only three movies by one notable director that I haven't seen yet when I've seen all his other ones, so fuck it, let's go.

From 2004, Zack Snyder's "Dawn of the Dead."

you know, I think this might be the exact movie I think of when I say I'm not into zombie movies

we watched it at school, no idea what the context was, when I was like 15 or 16, and I found it deeply unpleasant

but I liked "Army of the Dead," so

#129, or #779, another random movie just because somebody on letterboxd made it sound interesting and that's good enough for me, 2021 blind home invasion thriller "See For Me."

#130, or #780, at @kurt's absolutely whole-hearted and unequivocal recommendation, 1967 Canadian experimental room film "Wavelength."

#131, or #81, this one can't possibly be particularly offensive, SURELY, the second of the three unwatched Zack Snyder movies, 2010's "Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole."

#132, or #782, 2020 Japanese sci-fi comedy "Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes," which I think is about a café owner who discovers his TV can see a whole two minutes into the future.

#133, or #783, let's follow that one up with the one everyone on Letterboxd compared it to, 2017 Japanese one shot zombie comedy "One Cut of the Dead."


#134, or #784, the last Zack Snyder I haven't seen, 2011's "Sucker Punch."

Zack Snyder the music video director really coming out on this one.

👊 "Sucker Punch" (2011) 

*zack snyder pitching this movie voice* "and then she gets a sexy lobotomy"

👊 "Sucker Punch" (2011) 

the story so far is she tries to kill her (step?)dad, accidentally kills her sister instead, gets committed to a home for "the mentally insane" and right when Jon Hamm is about to hammer a spike into her face (this is a lobotomy I guess) she slips into another world where the home is a night club and Oscar Isaac has a moustache

👊 "Sucker Punch" (2011) 

it's at this point that a character makes fun of it all, by indicating she gets the sexy school girl thing and the sexy mental patient thing, but that sexy lobotomy patient is a hard sell

but like

movie, you /are/ doing sexy lobotomy nonsense

👊 "Sucker Punch" (2011) 

It's not just pretty easy to read this fantasy (?) world as, this is where her mind escapes to when she gets lobotomised, it pretty much encourages it


👊 "Sucker Punch" (2011) 

forced to dance against her will, she's now retreated into a second layer of fantasy world where she's gonna do ninja and/or samurai shit I guess

👊 "Sucker Punch" (2011) 

you ever get lobotomised so hard you imagine you're an involuntary sex worker who then imagines they're a ninja in video game boss fights

👊 "Sucker Punch" (2011) 

ninja nonsense is a step up I guess

👊 "Sucker Punch" (2011) 

we're back in *considers* involuntary sex worker-world

I do think the actual intent here is a feminist fairy tale about overcoming historical mistreatment through self-empowerment or some such but


is Zack Snyder the dude to make that movie, no, not in a million years

👊 "Sucker Punch" (2011) 

Another dance transports her to a zombie World War-with-mechas fantasy world set to Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit," and I'm not having a good time

👊 "Sucker Punch" (2011) 

this is the least abstract interpretive dance has ever been depicted as

👊 "Sucker Punch" (2011) 

setting aside the issues I have with his DC films and just judging them as films, I think 2011's "Sucker Punch" might actually be Zackagar Snyderagon's worst one

an extended fetishistic music video that tells you its heart is in the right place when in actuality it wouldn't know heart if one exploded out of its chest

👊 "Sucker Punch" (2011) 

fucking miserable

#135, or #785, leaving now to go see-- Well, it's Sneak Preview again, so I don't know yet.

It's probably 2022's "Morbius." But it could be anything.

(But it's "Morbius.")

is it 2022's "Morbius"

we regret to inform you it was 2022’s “Morbius”

honestly, it was pretty much what I was expecting:

* deeply stupid
* not hiding it
* just a theme park attraction that invites you to enjoy the ride

and that's absolutely the movie Matt Smith is in

but, and this is the fundamental problem, it's distinctly


the movie Jared Leto thinks he's in

🧛‍♂️ "Morbius" (2002) 

Jared Leto (who I don't think is a good actor to begin with) seems to think he's making a serious drama, and it unfortunately makes him the steaming turd in what is an otherwise goofy, fun vampire superhero picture

🧛‍♂️ "Morbius" (2002) 

for all the talk of Leto's (ridiculous, bordering on gross even when he's not mailing his coworkers dead rats) style of method acting, what does it actually do for the movie?

if anything, it just takes me out of it, like a human Wilhelm Scream that's around the whole time

🧛‍♂️ "Morbius" (2002) 

in short

fun movie

Jared Leto is /atrocious/

#136, or #786, sure, I'll watch a dumb one about a cursed video game, 2022's "Choose or Die."

🎮 "Choose or Die" (2022) 

"I mean, Pac-Man doesn't go around eating people."

*sighs* I'd watch that.

dysphoria, re: 👊 "Sucker Punch" (2011) 

@Alexis pretty sure we call that GRS

re: 👊 "Sucker Punch" (2011) Horrifying fact: The ice pick method actually is historically how they did lobotomies

re: 👊 "Sucker Punch" (2011) ...also now I need brain bleach after having to think about that.

re: 👊 "Sucker Punch" (2011) 

@skysailor Every new thing I learn about the history of the lobotomy just seems immeasurably cruel, but I... *looks at history* yeah, that was the point.

re: 👊 "Sucker Punch" (2011) 

@Alexis *mocking voice* it's not sexist if we acknowledge the sexism

re: 👊 "Sucker Punch" (2011) 

@The_T the movie that dares to ask, what if the historical miserable treatment of young women was hot actually

👊 "Sucker Punch" (2011) 

@Alexis I'm picturing that one cartoon of like a looney toons-esque wolf's eyes bulging out and his heart pounding through his chest while he's watching a sexy lady dance on stage I think.

👊 "Sucker Punch" (2011) 

@kurt This is why there's no pictures of Zack Snyder from the set of this movie, his telescoping eyes kept slamming into and breaking the set photographer's camera.

👊 "Sucker Punch" (2011) 

@Alexis It's an extremely unpleasant movie all around.

@kurt I think even Nostradamus could-a seen this one coming.

🧛‍♂️ "Morbius" (2002) jared leto in a nutshell imo

re: 🧛‍♂️ "Morbius" (2002) 

@Alexis how to save this: make a movie where Venom beats up Morbius

re: 🧛‍♂️ "Morbius" (2002) 

@The_T A Sinister Six movie that starts with a team of seven so in the first ten minutes Venom can just eat the worst one

re: 🧛‍♂️ "Morbius" (2022) 

@Alexis god could you imagine if they made even 4 more movies to establish the Sinister Six

re: 🧛‍♂️ "Morbius" (2022), spoilers but it was in the trailers, really 

@The_T Well, just three would do it, they import Michael Keaton.

re: 🧛‍♂️ "Morbius" (2022), spoilers but it was in the trailers, really 

@Alexis Sinister Six movie, the entire movie is about them trying and failing to get to the MCU

re: 🧛‍♂️ "Morbius" (2022), spoilers but it was in the trailers, really 

@Alexis this is literally the best possible movie idea they could possibly have

re: 🧛‍♂️ "Morbius" (2022), spoilers but it was in the trailers, really 

@The_T Sony continues to be SO desperate for that crossover, if it never pays off it'll all be so, so, /so/ pathetic

(What I want is a, like, Secret Wars trilogy where the middle part is the what-do-the-Sony-characters-get-up-to movie.)

re: 🧛‍♂️ "Morbius" (2022), spoilers but it was in the trailers, really 

@Alexis also fwiw, I need to know the details of the post-credits scene. Is there any explanation for how Vulture got there

re: 🧛‍♂️ "Morbius" (2022), actual spoilers, description of the post-credits scenes 

@The_T In the first one the multiverse cracks from No Way Home appear in the sky over New York and Michael Keaton materialises in a random prison cell. With no reason for him to be there in this universe, the news establishes, he's expected to be released.

In the second one he, in full Vulture outfit, meets up with Jared Leto, and indicates he assumes him having appeared there has something to do with Spider-Man.

re: 🧛‍♂️ "Morbius" (2022), actual spoilers, description of the post-credits scenes 

@Alexis that's kind of beautiful and incredibly weird, it's just a shame that A. Morbius isn't any good and B. where the hell did he get the Vulture suit

re: 🧛‍♂️ "Morbius" (2022), actual spoilers, description of the post-credits scenes 

@The_T Presumably he just rebuilds it with non-Stark tech after getting released, but let's be honest, nobody at Sony knows the answer right now.

re: 🧛‍♂️ "Morbius" (2022), actual spoilers, description of the post-credits scenes 

@The_T But yeah, I do like the idea that Pete and Doc Strange fucked it all up so bad a bunch of people we never saw in NWH just fell through the cracks -- who else knew Spider-Man's secret identity who might have ended up elsewhere?

re: 🧛‍♂️ "Morbius" (2022), actual spoilers, description of the post-credits scenes 

@Alexis inexplicably, the J. Jonah Jameson of the MCU just ended up in the Maguire universe

re: 🧛‍♂️ "Morbius" (2022), actual spoilers, description of the post-credits scenes 

@Alexis ok, so a real fanwanky explanation of "why" he was transported, which I could see them actually using:

Vulture's role in the MCU is so tied to knowing Peter is Spider-Man, that Strange's spell didn't know what to do with him; and it had to send him somewhere.

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@Alexis for some reason this toot in particular almost made me laugh out loud while I was on a call at work

@The_T well I'm glad my bad late-night typing has some positive side effects, at least *nods*

🧛‍♂️ "Morbius" (2002) 

@Alexis I like how you've answered the whole "is it 2022's Morbius" question by making it 2002's :)

🧛‍♂️ "Morbius" (2002) 

@bright_helpings ah nuts

me typing at 11.30 at night strikes again

@Alisca first superhero movie in a while I've been telling people they can and probably should just skip

@Alexis message received and understood.

Love your work by the way

@Alisca like, unless Sony finally makes Sinister Six happen a few years from now, absolutely do not bother


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