loads of cities well known for being The City That Never Sleeps, but what about the cities that don't have fucking insomnia

where's The City That Gets A Solid Eight Hours Every Night, where's The City That Naps Whenever It Needs To

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@Alexis The 24 Hour City's greatest foe: the Sleepy Hamlet

@InspectorCaracal @Alexis Those towns would do better if they didn't sleep, because something is bound to happen when it's asleep that shakes it to its core.

@kurt @InspectorCaracal If I've learned anything from British TV, the average person in a Sleepy Little Town is dead.

@InspectorCaracal @skysailor @Alexis I woke up dead and I don't remember who killed me. Everyone is a suspect... even me. @skysailor no see but it's super common for the protag to be unofficially investigating the murdercrime while the official investigation thinks they're like a top suspect until they inevitably clear that up and start working together @skysailor it's also super common for a protag to be like partially supernatural in some way, like being, say, fractionally a vampire

@kurt @InspectorCaracal @skysailor There's a real gulf between what Americans dissect in bio class and what Europeans dissect in bio class, isn't there.

@Alexis @InspectorCaracal @skysailor Shipping vampires from Transylvania to the US is a huge pain though. The EU really simplified the vampire shipping industry.

@Alexis @skysailor @InspectorCaracal Anne Rice singlehandedly caused the vampire shipping black market and the empires it is currently funding.

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