ghostbusters afterlife is a middle-aged man fairy tale about showing your kids the stuff you liked as a kid and having them really connect with it

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@Alexis every teenage mutant ninja turtles movie post 2000

@Alexis except the fantasy there is producers reviving a dead franchise

@zens @Alexis every cinematic meta pop culture phenomenon revival attempt since Jurassic World or the Lego Movie?

@hellpe @Alexis kids actually love those two

couldn’t give half a shit about masters of the universe or tmnt

@zens @hellpe Jurassic Park and real LEGOs also just hold up, you could show a kid Jurassic Park and there's a pretty good chance they'll like it.

Ghostbusters, by comparison -- it's a long time since I last saw it, mind -- is a bit more old fashioned, slower, and it's, you know, very much one for the mid-80s SNL crowd.

@zens @hellpe Revivals /can/ work, and do all the time, but you have to come at it from a fresh angle and not just be, *gestures at Afterlife trailer* a prisoner of nostalgia.

(I thought the 2016 Ghostbusters was great.)

@Alexis @zens I don't have any issues with revivals per se, but I'm skeptical of stories that appear to be mainly written for older fans of the original installments, in order to incitate their children to like "the same thing", all while acknowledging their own futility as stories, thus making the whole thing taste like a cynical advertisement (Lego Movie is whimsy enough to avert this, but to me Jurassic World and the new Space Jam suffer heavily from this).

@hellpe @zens Oh, the new Space Jam is very much exactly that, but the Jurassic World movies -- though I don't doubt they exist in large part because they'll sell toys extremely well -- *are* at least interested in exploring the premise in new ways.

@hellpe @Alexis was jurassic world appealing to any adult fans of the franchise? I thought the only people these movies appealed to was kids who wanna see dinosaurs do dinosaur shit.

@zens @hellpe hold up they also appeal to me, an adult who wanna see dinosaurs do dinosaur shit

(I dislike the Chris Pratt character immensely, but they /are/ fun dinosaur flicks.)

@Alexis @hellpe hey I'm not the voice of god here. Only saying what I thought was the case.

@Alexis god damn, it kicks ass that a brand new ghostbusters film can be released and I just, don't hear about it, no one on any social media I follow talks about it or mentions it at all (until you), like, I seriously did not know this film exists and surely like, it was announced at least a year ago right

@The_T It's been in the can ready for pandemic-delayed release for longer than that, its original release date was July 2020!

(It was announced January 2019 or thereabouts.)

@Alexis jeez, yeah. Does not ring a bell at all.

@Alexis is that something that exists, or just your idea?

@anke Ghostbusters: Afterlife is a real movie that's coming out in November, and the trailers make it look very frustratingly obsessed with nostalgia for the originals.

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