who made Apple the Enforcer-King of the Neo-Puritan movement anyway


i mean i don't sell dildos on ebay or show skin in a hot tub on twitch but why are Americans telling me i can't

i'm not American, stop forcing your weird values on me

go gasp in shock at a nipple on your own time, don't make me join gasp club

by my standards this is doing numbers on here so uhh check out* my soundcloud** i guess

* read
** my webcomic


@Alexis You mean that giant rubber dick I bought off you on eBay was actually being sold by an imposter? 🤯

@ak /Technically/ all the giant rubber dicks I sell on eBay are decorative paper weights.

@kurt Shaping what you want your site to be is fine, but one, in a lot of these cases it's coming relatively out of nowhere after, sometimes, /decades/ of relatively high tolerance, and two, it's happening in the middle of a larger purge of 18+ material that clearly has its roots in Apple's policies.

So are these decisions being made by eBay and Twitch rooted in shaping their respective communities, or in how much of their revenue relies on being available on the iOS App Store?

@Alexis Ooh, I don't know about the iOS part, I do know the twitch thing has been brewing for a while and it was mostly a loophole that was tolerated so that one is not that surprising.

When it comes social media companies shaping your community and optimizing profits are inherently interwoven so if Apple was actually gonna remove them there's a good chance it affected things.

@kurt The big example is still Tumblr, which went full no-porn overnight after Apple just removed the app from the App Store over Tumblr allowing porn. Discord went through something similar last month. It's hard not to see at least the eBay thing as part of that same pattern, even without knowing whether Apple has explicitly gotten involved.

The situation on Twitch is at least partly about advertising, but then it's still ad companies making those decisions and not Twitch or its communities.

@Alexis I'm considering making a soundcloud where I make *terrible* rap music just to annoy people with by linking to it if I ever post anything viral.

hippity hoppity
zippity zoppity
i'm here to say
i've gone viral in a major way

@Alexis A fourteen hour song about turtles where I repeat the line "Look at my turtle, he's so fertile, he's no squirtle, but he's still worthwhile!" over and over.

@kurt Ironically the slowed-down 140-hour version goes viral again for just sounding really chill.

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