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Movie #11, 2011's "Zookeeper."

I do not know what this one is or is about.

Movie #12, 2017's "The Zookeeper's Wife."

I also don't know what this one is about, but from the Netflix thumbnail it looks like a WW2 movie.

(I think that's a reverse blarting.)

Movie #13, we move on from zoos to the jungle, where the animals are keeping a small human? Absolute madness.

It's 2016's live-action "The Jungle Book."

Movie #14, 1934 Best Picture nominee "Viva Villa!"

I'm pretty sure Wallace Beery is in brownface in this one. :/

Movie #15, 2010's "Four Lions." Terrorism comedy, I'm pretty sure.

Movie #18, 2015's "Trumbo," in which Bryan Cranston plays the sequel elephant to Dumbo.

#19, I kinda fell off the rewatch over the summer, but I've put 2017's "Spider-Man: Homecoming" on.

#21, 1934 Best Picture nominee "Here Comes the Navy," which is probably pretty blatant propaganda? Sigh, oh well.

#22, 2020's "The Kid Detective." Adam Brody plays the former titular getting thrown into a Real Case, I think?

Let's watch another one, I wanna stay at one a day, #23, 2020's "Black Bear."

No idea what it's about, Aubrey Plaza's in it.

#26, 2017's "Kong: Skull Island."

I did initially intend to go see this at the time, but I found the Vietnam aesthetic of the trailers off-putting? We'll see.

#27, 2019's "Godzilla: King of the Monsters."

skreeeonk and all that

#28, I just grabbed some movies that I saw on multiple Oscar shortlists, I'm watching 2020's "News of the World," which I think has America's Finest Actor Tom Hanks in it?

#29, 2017's "Thor: Ragnarok," on the TV because the Blu-Ray was five bucks in the discount bookstore last year.

#30, 2021 motion picture "Psycho Goreman," which is about, I think, a kid who gets control of a sci-fi monster man?

#31, 2015's "The Intern," in which I assume Robert de Niro teaches his dumb millennial boss (Anne Hathaway?) to slow down a little? Something like that, I'm sure.

#32, I'm about halfway through 2016 found footage documentary "Dawson City: Frozen Time."

It's movie! 1934's "Cleopatra," #33.

I'm pretty sure I've heard this one is notable mostly for pushing the limits before the Hays Code starts getting enforced? We'll see.

#35, I'm about halfway through 2020 dead mall documentary "Jasper Mall."

I've put on #37, 2021's "The Dig."

Not sure what it's about, Ralph Fiennes is in it, set just before WW2, I'm pretty sure?

I've got it on Blu-Ray but I'm lazy so I've just got it on on Disney+ at my desk, #39, "Avengers: Infinity War."

Oh, right, it's Groundhog Day.

And so is mov-- musical #1, which I can't defend counting as a movie but I'm gonna thread for continuity's sake, anyway.

Back to movies, it's #40, 1934 Best Picture nominee "One Night of Love," which I'm pretty sure is:
* a musical rom-com
* only on the list for technical sound recording achievements that will be completely opaque to me because my copy is Pretty Bad πŸ‘

Oh, right, it's Groundhog Day.

And so is the musical, which I'm currently listening to. No pictures, but way better audio quality. Still very good.

In the category of "movies I downloaded but now can no longer remember why and I refuse to google it before I commit," #41, 2012's "Seven Psychopaths."

Oh, right, it's Groundhog Day.

And so is movie #42, except this time I lazily edited it so there's no time loop and Phil Connors just turns into a good person overnight for no reason.

#43, I watched "In & of Itself," a film of a series of storytelling/magic stage performances.

Jeez. Dang.

Oh, right, it's Groundhog Day.

And so is movie #44, though this time it's an experimental German thriller, because I'm watching 1998's "Lola rennt," commonly known in English as "Run Lola Run."

#45, 2019's "Captain Marvel."

I keep going "I don't think I've seen this one since it came out" but 2019 isn't that long ago.

#47, YouTuber/Uber driver/serial murderer horror movie "Spree," because apparently I'll watch any old shite.


Oh, right, it's Groundhog Day.

And so is movie #48, except this time it's a different side of the US, a different time of year, a wedding instead of a holiday, and came out in 2020, in that I'm watching "Palm Springs."

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I would absolutely notice if somebody in my vicinity was in a time loop.

I said several Groundhog Days ago that I would not joke about being in a time loop, I also would for sure believe you -- or at least go along with it -- if you told me /you/ were in a time loop, and if you think you might be in a time loop, please feel free to ask me something in one loop you'd have no way of knowing to tell me as proof in the next.

yes i would say i am extremely open to being dragged into a time loop situation

I would probably enjoy Groundhog Daying more than Palm Springsing. Bigger potential cast, not out in the middle of Nowhere, California, lots more options. Lola Rennting, no way, not interested, way too limited.

And Happy Death Daying sucks, obviously, good movie, but you don't want a seemingly omniscient serial killer stalking you.

At least Roy Palmsprings only comes over some times, and you can seemingly avoid him pretty easily if you just either stay around the wedding guests or skip out on the wedding with enough distance.

🌴 "Palm Springs" (2020) 

A whole science-training montage and the conclusion she comes to is "gotta make it go boom."

Oh, right, it's Groundhog Day.

And so is movie #49, except this time the loops go in reverse order, which was @thiskurt's idea.

In this one, he's a dick for the first few minutes, then becomes his essentially perfect self out of nowhere and slowly degrades back to a dick, only to reset at the end.

For the first 20 or so minutes this is just the "final loop only" cut, obviously.

have to admit, love this movie, it's getting kinda on my nerves now

i guess in this one the way out of the loop is to get hit on the head with a snow shovel

Turns out Groundhog Day was yesterday.

#50, "È già ieri," or "Stork Day," a 2004 Italian remake of "Groundhog Day" that I couldn't find subtitles for, but, like, I'll figure out, I'm sure.

What I've gathered is, because Italy doesn't have an equivalent holiday or event, this one is about a TV documentary host who gets sent out to the middle of nowhere to film a segment (presumably about storks) who then gets Groundhog Day'd.

Filming a segment about marmots on blue-screen? Not the Italian Attenborough, this guy.

instead of a van it's a little ferry boat, so he probably gets stuck on this pleasant-looking island

stairwell encounter, thing he can prevent on future loops, encounter with nice B&B lady

these storks are definitely seeing their shadow on this pleasant sunny day, six more weeks of stork

Italian Phil picks up a stork egg and gets attacked by a stork for it

imagining Phil the Groundhog having a go at Bill Murray

the coward Punxsutawney Phil: passive, boring, basically a squeaky prop

the winner the stork: a major player in at least two action scenes and we're only 18 minutes in

Italian Larry: maybe pick up a stork egg

Italian Phil: uhhhhhh what if i don't tho

do not piss off the storks on Tenerife is the message i'm getting here

oh I turned on the auto-translated subtitles and they're not doing the worst job in the world at it

πŸ¦† "Stork Day" (2004), gun violence 

he's machine gunning the storks

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Oh, right, it's not Groundhog Day. Like, at all. Not even close.

#51, 2018's "Ant-Man and the Wasp."

I'm watching a lotta these in the wrong order at the end here but it doesn't matter, I've been here before, I know the way out.

@Alexis I just want to say that "this month I learned" both about the "we like to party" sampling thing from a TED talk and "Groundhog daying must be a thing too" from you. So feel free to declare that you've practically given a TED talk on this now. If I've pieced this together correctly anyways.

@trini I could absolutely give any of a dozen Groundhog Day or Groundhog Day-adjacent TED talks at a moment's notice.

🌴 "Palm Springs" (2020) 

@kurt That's the only real science.

@Alexis I can't be certain I'm not on the first run of a nearly 30 year long time loop.

@kurt If on your next 30-year loop you reach out to me on February 10th, 2021, at 16:30, and tell me I've only had one cup of coffee today, I'll totally believe you going forward.

@Alexis If I haven't changed enough to disrupt the coffee equilibrium in your life.

@zens Used to be just once a year, I think.

(I watch it a different way each time.)

@kurt The traditional five-act character arc structure of
* asshole
* perfect self
* lunatic
* god
* gets the girl

@Alexis have you yet done, "all the scenes in chronological order; if any events happen more than once, show all versions of them one after another"

@Alexis ah that's good; but I probably shouldn't watch that until I've seen Groundhog Day, huh

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