, 2021 edition!

In 2020 I watched 101 movies from very early into first lockdown until August 11, and the another 138 between then and last night.

I did not do a formal thread for the first 101, but I did do one for the next 138: beepboop.one/@Alexis/104677806

Today's movie, #1 of 2021, or #240 since I started counting, 1995's "Johnny Mnemonic," because I think I saw someone say it's set in 2021? A topical affair!

Movie #2, 2002's "Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones," because exasperated sigh.

Movie #3, 1933 Best Picture nominee "Lady for a Day."

I thiiiink this one is about a homeless woman who gets to be posh for a day? We'll, uhhh, see how that goes.

Movie #4, 2020's "Let Them All Talk," which I understand is about Meryl Streep as a snooty Author going to America on the RMS Queen Mary 2. In 2019, obviously.

Movie #5, the 1933 "Little Women."

I've seen the 2019 one -- these women had better be the absolute goddamn tiniest women you ever did see.

Movie #6, 1934 Best Picture nominee "It Happened One Night."

I'm pretty sure this is the one romcoms, like. Come from. This is The Romcom.

Movie #7, 1934 Best Picture nominee, "The House of Rothschild," which, sigh, I imagine is about the family of European bankers, because what other Rothschilds are there.

's got Boris Karloff in it, I guess.

Movie #8, 2008's "Star Wars: The Clone Wars." Extended cut again.

#9, "We Bought a Zoo," because I've been making fun of the title for nearly a full decade and it's on Disney+.

Movie #10, or #250 since I started counting, 2006's "The Prestige," or "Batman v. Wolverine: What if Stage Magic But Too Much."

Movie #11, 2011's "Zookeeper."

I do not know what this one is or is about.

Movie #12, 2017's "The Zookeeper's Wife."

I also don't know what this one is about, but from the Netflix thumbnail it looks like a WW2 movie.

(I think that's a reverse blarting.)

Movie #13, we move on from zoos to the jungle, where the animals are keeping a small human? Absolute madness.

It's 2016's live-action "The Jungle Book."

Movie #14, 1934 Best Picture nominee "Viva Villa!"

I'm pretty sure Wallace Beery is in brownface in this one. :/


Movie #15, 2010's "Four Lions." Terrorism comedy, I'm pretty sure.

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had absolutely nothing to say about that one, and whenever I tried I was just quoting all the good jokes with next to no commentary?

a good livetoot movie has gaps to inject myself into, but if it's this good a movie, I'm not bothered about looking for those gaps.

(and if it's a bad movie I don't care about the stuff around the gaps.)

πŸ‘” "Boss Baby" (2017) 

the premise of this segment is that the titular Boss Baby came out of the factory wrong and so got sent to baby-pre-existence management school

πŸ‘” "Boss Baby" (2017) 

this baby was assigned manager at birth

πŸ‘” "Boss Baby" (2017) 

strong implication here that the Boss Baby was born wearing the suit

πŸ‘” "Boss Baby" (2017) 

if I were a movie exec and you came at me with "and Alec Baldwin voices the baby" I'd assume we were making a horror movie

πŸ‘” "Boss Baby" (2017) 

the Boss Baby has been sent to Earth to wage war on behalf of babies against puppies, which are now Too Cute, and have overtaken Babies in popularity

πŸ‘” "Boss Baby" (2017) 

this is honestly not bad

for pro-boss propaganda

πŸ‘” "Boss Baby" (2017) 

some sick action sequences in here

πŸ‘” "Boss Baby" (2017) 

a truly unhinged depiction of the human baby

:detective_pikachu: "The Thin Man" (1934) 

well it does seem to me that it's probably the Thin Man what did it, which means he /definitely/ /didn't/

:detective_pikachu: "The Thin Man" (1934) 

"I'm glad you're not on this case."
"On it? I'm in it!"

:detective_pikachu: "The Thin Man" (1934) 

"I was shot twice in the Tribune."
"I heard you were shot five times in the tabloids."
"It's not true, he didn't come anywhere near my tabloids."

:detective_pikachu: "The Thin Man" (1934) 

"Nice food, isn't it?"
"Yes, it's the best dinner I ever listened to."


that's the first Best Picture nominee since, like, Skippy, that I would pretty universally recommend

very good

Movie #18, 2015's "Trumbo," in which Bryan Cranston plays the sequel elephant to Dumbo.

Modern Hollywood does Golden Age Hollywood always feels a bit wanky, but at least this one's probably about how the Red Scare sucked?

:communism: "Trumbo" (2015) 

America: It's Always Been Like That!ℒ️

:communism: "Trumbo" (2015) 

"So if the house is on fire, you don't want to know?"
"I work in a BATHTUB, surrounded by WATER!"


:communism: "Trumbo" (2015) 

This is, I say, knowing nothing, probably a touch simplified from reality, but it makes a good story.

:communism: "Trumbo" (2015) 

And Cranston is, obviously, terrific, a funnier moustache after every timeskip.

#19, I kinda fell off the rewatch over the summer, but I've put 2017's "Spider-Man: Homecoming" on.

this is the only Spider-Man movie with a bodega cat in it, so by definition, the best Spider-Man movie

look, yes, in terms of capturing what I like about Spider-Man, this doesn't entirely hit the mark, and Far From Home less so,

but are they a Good Time At The Movies, yes, these are both a blast

:spidey: "Spider-Man: Homecoming" (2017) 

"Why is it not breaking?"
"It's four-inch ballistic glass, you'll have to create more momentum."

why is there bulletproof glass on the teeniest, tiniest windows in the world 170 meters in the air in the middle of a pretty flat area

:spidey: "Spider-Man: Homecoming" (2017) 

plot holes in the Washington Monument, i say

I'd say "I don't know why I'm doing this to myself," but I looked at my Letterboxd watchlist, said to myself, set it to shuffle, available on streaming only, have to watch it no matter what, and Apparently This Was Still On There.

re: πŸ‘” "Boss Baby" (2017) 

@Alexis@beepboop.one opens studio office vault and starts handing over bundles of dollars

πŸ‘” "Boss Baby" (2017) 

@Alexis Sounds like something that could be explained in greater detail in the comics.

πŸ‘” "Boss Baby" (2017) 

@kurt The expanded universe tie-in novels suspiciously skip over the details, presumably they're saving them for a visual medium.

:detective_pikachu: "The Thin Man" (1934) 

@Alexis I love that line.

@Alexis It's a very good movie, and like we've talked about before, in the middle of a time when movies were increasingly exploring the medium instead of being recorded plays. I'm looking forward to the next few years in your project! 1939 was really a watershed, but there are some very good ones before that.

@naga Yeah, I'm really at the point where they start to turn into /proper/ movies, I'd be surprised to come across something like "Disraeli" or "The Divorcee" now.

@Alexis have you ever listened to @ScreenTestOfTime ? I'd be curious how often your reviews aligned with theirs

@balrogboogie @ScreenTestOfTime I started listening like two movies in, and I dunno that I would-a stuck with it if I hadn't.

So far I usually agree with them, though I think I lean a little more forgiving.

:detective_pikachu: "The Thin Man" (1934) 

@Alexis ooh

I'm here for this kind of Douglas Adams script

:detective_pikachu: "The Thin Man" (1934) 

@verity There's a bunch of good jokes and innuendos in there, if you're up for a good, solid detective story, definitely check this one out.

:communism: "Trumbo" (2015) 

@Alexis Is this the one from the guy who did The Thick of It?

:communism: "Trumbo" (2015) 

@kurt Iannucci? Nope, and not sure what you're thinking of.

:communism: "Trumbo" (2015) 

@Alexis Ooh, I'm thinking of The Death of Stalin!

:communism: "Trumbo" (2015) 

@kurt Oh, right, also commies. Yeah, that one's terrific.

@The_T "The Avengers" actually happened less than two days before "Spider-Man: Homecoming."

@Alexis ok so, the reason this viewing order has Agent Carter between seasons of Agents of SHIELD is because, as the Agent Carter one-shot shows, this Agent Carter show is actually taking part in a different dimension, whose events are running concurrently to Agents of SHIELD.

@Alexis my head canon it’s showing what Adrian’s gang was doing during The Blip.

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