Gonna do a thread, just to communicate a feeling, an image: a haiku for each episode.

🌲 Twin Peaks: "Pilot" 

Grief, like bowling balls
across infinite, gently
sloped pianos. Noise.

🌲 Twin Peaks: "International Pilot" 

An alternate ending
As weird as it wants to be
"You got a nickel?"

🌲 Twin Peaks: "Episode 1" 

Damn fine cups, visions,
and cherry pie that'll kill ya.
Percolator fish.

🌲 Twin Peaks: "Episode 2" 

Ideas come in dreams,
like vikings driving cars, or
percolator fish.

🌲 Twin Peaks: "Episode 3" 

they have tiny ducts
to turn European endings
into canon dreams

🌲 Twin Peaks: "Episode 4" 

we can smell the smoke
of the fires long extinguished.
we can see the flames.

🌲 Twin Peaks: "Episode 5" 

abrasive, painful
like icelandic folk dancers,
the fire, the anger


🌲 Twin Peaks: "Episode 6" 

revenge is brewing.
empty mirrors hidden in
comfy, shadowed chairs

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🌲 Twin Peaks: "Episode 7" 

impossible walks
poured into all the wrong mugs
and then shot three times

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