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I'm halfway through #83, 1928 Charlie Chaplin picture "The Circus."

This is great, but the music is getting on my nerves.

#84, "Addams Family Values."

Truly, the scariest thing I could end the month on.

#85, I'm 40 minutes into 1933's "Cavalcade," which won Best Picture.

Depicting the life and times of a London family through the first 33 years of the 1900s, it's actually pretty good?

Look, the thing I actually want is to know more about the Legend of Curly's Gold, but what kind of fool just skips straight to the sequel?

#86 is 1991's "City Slickers," which I know nothing about except that I guess Curly's Gold doesn't come up until 1994.

I've had lunch and am 15 minutes into 1994's "City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly's Gold."

* Curly is the cowboy who died in the first one.
* He did seem like the type to have a legend about his gold.

#88. I have no idea what 2010's "Remember Me" is about, what genre it is, or anything -- I just know that there's what I imagine must be an absurd last-minute twist that it's set on 9/11 and that Robert Pattinson is

in the wrong place

at the wrong time.

#91, I've got a soft pretzel and 1999's "The World Is Not Enough," let's go.

I think in this one James Bond shoots some people.

#92. While doing other things, I watched the Blumhouse "Fantasy Island" that I skipped in theatres earlier this year.

It was pretty stupid! But in that fun way you gotta be in the mood for.

#93. I'm about 15 minutes into 1933 Best Picture nominee "The Private Life of Henry VIII," and they've already executed the Queen of England.

Who knows what Desert Bus is gonna do to watching a movie every day, so let's get another one in: #95, 2001's "Jurassic Park III," the one I was invited to three different birthday parties to see in the cinema when I was 10.

#97. Let's Bames one more Jond. 2002's "Die Another Day."

#98, "Alien vs. Predator."

I imagine we're moving ever closer to the edge of where I still give a shit about either of these franchises.

#99, or #200 since I started counting, 1997's "The Fifth Element."

I'm pretty sure this is
* in space.
* ridiculous.

#100, 2003's "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines."

I assume there's good robots and evil robots and a future of some kind.

I've put too much time into putting this together not to, so I guess #101: I'm watching 2015's "Paul Blart Mall Cop 2," with this year's episode of "Til Death Do Us Blart" on top.

I have, obviously, come on now, not seen "Paul Blart Mall Cop."

Movie #102, 1997's "Mouse Hunt," or, basically just "Home Alone," if the house were bigger, the target were smaller, and the film opened with a dead body being flung into the sewers.

#103, 2020's "On the Rocks."

No idea what it's about, but it's Bill Murray in a Sofia Coppola film, that ought-a at least be pretty watchable.

#104, 2000's "O Brother, Where Art Thou?".

Reliably informed it's loosely based on The Odyssey, but that doesn't mean I know what it's about.

#105, 2006's "Mission: Impossible III," or "Em Eye Eye-Eye-Eye."

#106, I'm about 40 minutes into 2014's "Tammy," because it's on Netflix and Melissa McCarthy farting around for an hour and a half passes the bar for me pretty easily, but this is a Bad Motion Picture.

#107, 2007's "Alien vs Predator: Requiem," because movie titles don't gotta mean nothin', I guess.

As I understand it, this one is worse than the very bad first one.

#108, 1992's "Sister Act."

I definitely saw both of these a bunch of times, they were on TV all the time when I was a kid, but did I ever see them in full in one go? No way to know.

#109, 2009's "Terminator Salvation."

I think Batman is John Connor in this one?

#110, 2010's "Predators."

No idea what this one's about, but I guess Adrien Brody is bowl-of-petunias-ing at the surface of this planet.

#111, 2006's "Casino Royale." Seen it before, probably not a lotta posts.

I was gonna play a video game but it's still installing, because I guess everything is early 2000s PC gaming forever, so, instead #112, the 2002 animated Adam Sandler Hanukkah film, "Eight Crazy Nights"? Yes.

#113, tonight's motion picture, 1986's "Maximum Overdrive."

The what-I-knows:
* Ridiculous.
* The only movie Stephen King directed.
* Green Goblin truck involved somehow?
* There's a sequence that's rumoured to have actually been directed by David Lynch?

#115, 2008's "Quantum of Solace."

Probably the worst Bond title? "James Bond in Sad Maths."

#116, 2011's "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol." In which Tom Cruise do the run to the thing, do the jump off the thing, we know how he do.

uhh let's watch another movie, #117, 2012's "Prometheus."

This is an Aliens movie that didn't want to admit it, I think? I think Fassbender plays a roboid?

I'm absolutely fucking counting this, #118, I'm most of the way through the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony -- for the James Bond bit -- and y'all, this is all a bit much for Saturday lunchtime.

#119, 2012's "Skyfall." If I recall correctly, gets a bit goofballs at the end, but I like that. Whole section with the house is good.

#120, 2013's "Fast & Furious 6."

As I understand it, car go vroom, heist go steal, it about family?

Rock "The Dwayne" Johnson has a big CAPTURED stamp that he stamps onto files of captured criminals, but, like.

does he also have a big ESCAPED stamp, just in case

jason statham's dramatic usb drive remove, hold up, turn

🚗 "Furious 7" (2015) 

oh this is the one where Paul Walker dies halfway through production, innit

🚗 "Furious 7" (2015) 

"Where are you going?"

to catch up with the events of Furious Gaiden: Tokyo Drift

🚗 "Furious 7" (2015) 

"I can't do no more funerals."

i'm pretty sure this franchise is at just 50% for protagonists staying dead

🚗 "Furious 7" (2015) 

"I'm just a guy. I'm Mr Nobody."

i feel like if were a mr, mrs, or mx nobody i'd look less like kurt russell

🚗 "Furious 7" (2015) 

"This time it ain't just about being fast."


🚗 "Furious 7" (2015) 

"You're pointing [the car] the wrong way!"
"Am I now."

oh lol

🚗 "Furious 7" (2015) 

oh shit this is the skyscraper one

🚗 "Furious 7" (2015) 

oh boy, definitely hit the part of the movie where Mr Walker is for sure not in the room

🚗 "Furious 7" (2015) 

if I were in a helicopter in mid-air and suddenly a fucking car was coming at me, that would be easily the worst thing that ever happened to me,

but also,

the funniest

🚗 "Furious 7" (2015) 

"how did Alex die"
"helicopter car accident"

🚗 "Furious 7" (2015) 

the CGI on Paul Walker gets a bit goofy at the end, but the emotional weight of Vin Diesel getting to have a final moment with his friend easily outweighs it

re: 🚗 "Furious 7" (2015) 

@Alexis just another day in [wherever the Hulk lives]

re: 🚗 "Furious 7" (2015) 

@The_T Traditionally NYC, though modern takes tend to have him on the run, in hiding, pretty much wherever.

(A car coming at my helicopter would *feel* way weirder in, like, the jungle than in, I dunno, Brooklyn.)

re: 🚗 "Furious 7" (2015) 

@Alexis his original comics I read were in some (probably?) undisclosed testing base which I always assumed was in Nevada. Maybe it said it was or wasn't, no idea. but in my head I was like "Nevada"

re: 🚗 "Furious 7" (2015) 

@The_T I always assumed the testing site was New Mexico.

(Wait, why do I think of Hulk as a New York character? Just because he occasionally smashes it?)

re: 🚗 "Furious 7" (2015) 

@Alexis right?? also because every other Stan Lee-era hero is NYC.

Also Nevada and New Mexico are basically the same place. I probably think of Nevada because of Area 51.

re: 🚗 "Furious 7" (2015) 

@The_T Looked it up, it's New Mexico:

Could also have been California or regular Mexico, though, cuz I've read at least one issue where the Netherlands is a heavily mountainous region, so who even knows.

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