average person at high risk of getting cancelled" factoid actualy just statistical error. average person at very low risk of getting cancelled. JK Rowling, who is extremely an asshole & gets cancelled 10,000 times each day, is an outlier adn should not have been counted

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@Alexis I mean, does the average person even have enough of a following on social media for people outside their social circle to care about what they say? Most people I know are on Instagram rather than twitter, and from what I've seen it seems like on twitter it's far more likely for someone to say something controversial and not thought out.

@wistahe On certain corners of Twitter, "yelling at a rando with 5 followers and a bad opinion" is sort of the national sport, but the average person can just lock their account for a few days and move on.

You do get a lot of idiots -- I say "a lot," probably just a loud minority -- who are Just Expressing Concern re: cancel culture, who seem to think it's Coming For Us All Eventually, but it's hard to tell how real those opinions are.

@Alexis Yeah, they can be a bit off the rails. Cancel culture isn't an issue at all if you don't use social media. If you do, as long as you don't cultivate an audience that will feel betrayed by what you say there shouldn't be much to worry about either, with maybe a few exceptions that any large audience will have. I think one of the big misconceptions people have about the internet is that it is a reliable reflection of what most people think in real life. The most active posters though are the people who have the most time, energy, money, and/or desire to post. This means most people see posts by this actively online population instead of the person who just likes cat pictures and sharing photos of the lunch they went to with friends.

"cancel culture" 

@wistahe The "cancel culture" I suspect the Concerns get Expressed about is the thing of, when somebody without a huge following gets filmed being a huge racist, that tends to get back to their employers, etcetera.

But that's again just "holding people accountable," it's not "cancel culture," it's "don't flipping be a huge racist."

re: "cancel culture" 

@Alexis Oh yeah, I wasn't really thinking about the terminology. That makes a lot of sense, I wouldn't want a racist person to be around people I care about.

@wistahe @Alexis
I think you're underestimating how common it is and how small self-contained communities can assume they are the whole world.

If you're part of an online community that writes fanfic about a filk band covering 1978-1981 Hungarian tv show theme tunes you are 48% more likely to be cancelled even if you have only 5 followers.

@wistahe @Alexis Not to mention the statistics community who will cancel anyone for "just making up numbers'!

@kurt @wistahe Fun fact, science has actually established that 83% of numbers are completely made up.

@kurt @wistahe At least in my own experience, in the small, insular, focused communities I've been part of, the tendency is towards, "he shouldn't have said it, but we value Bob's contributions, let's carry on."

So I feel like if you're a vintage RTL Klub-head, you're much more likely to sort of vaguely "get away" with it and just keep doing your shitty social crimes.

@kurt @Alexis That's a good point, I didn't consider niche subcultures. They can be havens for people who feel powerless in real life because they can have some small degree of authority on a topic. As a result they'll feel very passionate about something to the point where they could resort to harassment, right?


@wistahe @kurt The examples I was thinking of were mostly on a forum for a comics reading order site, where conversation was largely genuinely apolitical, and not unpleasant at all, but then if I'd correct somebody misgendering me, or anything like that, I'd get unhinged rants in my PMs about-- well, you can imagine.

IIRC, it was only when I explained that some of it would be considered a prosecutable hate crime to say to me in person or broadcast on TV that somebody got told to cut it out.


@wistahe @kurt Though to be fair, that's a comics forum, I'd imagine the 1978-1981 Hungarian TV show theme tune filk band fanfic community is probably a little more progressive.


@Alexis @wistahe As long as you stay in the 1978-1981 range, the 1982-1985 Hungarian TV show theme tune filk band fanfic community is the worst.

re: bleh 

@kurt @Alexis The 1978-1981 Hungarian TV show theme tune filk band fanfic era was the golden age anyway 😎

@wistahe @Alexis

It's not cancel culture, but I once @-ed a dictionary on twitter for being anti-feminist and somebody from gamer gate screenshotted the tweet. The next week was memorable, but I didn't want to lock my account.

I did learn to write scripts to block people, though. Which turned into a piece of conceptual art, so you know, all good.

@celesteh @Alexis Writing scripts to block people being conceptual art would be really interesting to publish in an art magazine with an analysis. Is it performative art or a type of literature?

@wistahe @Alexis

It's an installation that runs on a raspberry pi with optional projection. I'd love to write about it for a magazine.

It seems to have crashed two years ago. I should probably reboot the pi.

@Alexis I mean, we already knew she was bad at math, who thinks she'd be good at physics?

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