Today's film, #1, 1984's "The Terminator," because they're showing T2 at the movie theatre this week and it probably works better if I've seen T1 recently.

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Tonight's film, #3! 1991's "Terminator 2: Judgment Day"! In the movie theatre, so: I'll be back?

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Tonight's film, #4! A friend on the other website is making me watch "Christine," which I understand to be "what if Duel but it's demons or some shit."

This kind of thing works better for me on the TV, so see y'all in two hours.

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Today's film! #5, 1932 Best Picture nominee "Smilin' Through."

I've deffo looked at the Wikipedia page, but no idea what this one's about.

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Movie #6! I watched spoopy zoom call horror movie "Host."

I don't watch a lotta these by pretty much any definition of "these," but, I dunno, at 56 minutes, pretty efficient use of all parts of the clichΓ© buffalo.

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Tonight's film, movie #7! Ripped from the headlines, it's 1932 Best Picture nominee "I Am A Fugitive From a Chain Gang."

...Finally, one I feel like I can safely assume is exactly what it says on the tin.

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Movie #10: I think Tarantino probably sucks, but people won't shut up about him, so I'm heading out to go see the first half of Kill Bill in the cinema.

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Movie #11: I've got 2019's "The Assistant" on -- trying to clear out some stuff from early in the pandemic.

God, what a relentless, crushing slog. Which I imagine is the point! As such, success? (Cripes, oh cripes.)

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Movie #12: This spring's "Underwater," because I'll watch Kristen Stewart fight a Cthulhu, sure.

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Tonight's movie, #13, "An American Pickle."

Seth Rogen is watchable enough, and I love a pickle, I assume that averages out to something I'll enjoy.

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Movie #14: 1973's "Live and Let Die." Third Bond in a row with a different face than the last one, let's see how this one does.

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I've put on movie #15: 1974's "The Man with the Golden Gun," a film that sure appears to open with a Sir Christopher Lee third nipple reveal.

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More clearing out of my downloads folder, movie #16: 2008 political dramedy "Swing Vote," which I think is about Kevin Costner somehow getting to cast the One Vote the (fictionalised) 2008 election hangs on.

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Once again I return to the downloads folder for some early-lockdown movies with "Capone." (#17!)

There was a lot of talk when this released about how this redeems Trank as a director post-"Fant4stic," and that's fair β€” it's well-made, and there's some great sequences in here, but at no point does he actually manage to make me *care* about this person or his family, which makes it all a bit flat.

Hardy, of course, plays a terrific disease-riddled Capone losing what little is left of his mind.

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Heading out to see movie #18, "The Personal History of David Copperfield."

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Heading out to see #19, "Tenet." ...Or, perhaps, I've just come back from seeing it?

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Anyway, "Tenet" is fine. Solid gimmick that translates to a fun aesthetic, not a lotta jokes, I absolutely refuse to believe Mr Nolan has close friends who are women, and it's too long. None of this is a surprise.

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If you've seen any trailer for "Tenet" -- it's *exactly that* but two and a half hours long.

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Movie #20: I kept getting interrupted, so I watched it in chunks over the past couple days, but I rewatched "A Bug's Life."

It was fine. Better'n I remembered.

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Heading out to see the second half of movie #10, or, movie #21: Kill Bill vol. 2.

I assume in this one she Kills Bill.

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Movie #24: Apparently the shortest film ever nominated for Best Picture, "She Done Him Wrong" is only about an hour long.

Ya gotta hope that's not all it's got goin' for it.

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There are like six musical numbers in this hour-long film -- it's based on a play, so, you know, sure -- but the audio quality is such that I sure wish there were fewer.

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You can see why this launches the careers of Mae West and Cary Grant, but eh, in 2020, hard to give a shit.

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Movie #25, I've put on something called "Time Trap," because, frankly, you can't put something called "Time Trap" where I can see it and not expect me to bite.

The dog is called Boss, which I think is fun.

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Takes them ages to figure out what kind of story they're in, but fun enough low-key, low-budget cave sci-fi.

(Check it out, maybe, I think it's on Netflix pretty much everywhere.)

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Tonight's movie, #26, is "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure." Not that the third one is actually coming out here, I don't think, so no rush and all.

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the end of the movie is here to tell the start of the movie to get the fuck on with it

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Heading out to see New Mutants, even though it's almost certainly trash. Movie #27.

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oh, right, uhhhhhhh

mid-tier horror movie, mid-tier X-movie, some Unpleasant Creative Decisions, second half was okay

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Movie #29, I'm heading out to see "Misbehaviour," which looked alright from the one trailer I saw in front of "Personal History of David Copperfield" the other week.

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@InspectorCaracal I've been trying to avoid early reviews, but what I've picked up about "Tenet" is that I do not appear to be continuing this trend tomorrow.

@kurt @InspectorCaracal *squints at VLC* I've got a film in here called "Status Update" from 2018 that looks, well, like "fun and enjoyable" may be the rare exception to the rule.

@Alexis @InspectorCaracal How did that get on the list? How did that get on any list ever?

@kurt @InspectorCaracal I suspect this one is from when I just asked for movie suggestions back in April or thereabouts and I just grabbed most things people suggested?

In better movies, I was pretty sure I also had Rashomon on here, but I keep forgetting to actually download it. the rashomon bit reminds me, if you ever feel like a change of pace from crappy hollywood movies, you can try out Casshern (2004)

kind of a downer movie but it'd at least be a change, it's in that "artsy scifi" niche i like

@InspectorCaracal @kurt *downloads* School's about to start, so it might be a while, but it'll go into VLC, at least.

@Alexis @InspectorCaracal Ooh, as in summer holidays are over, not as in today's classes are starting now at 11 at night.

@kurt @InspectorCaracal Yeah, it's, uhh
* wrapping up the wood thing Friday afternoon
* year kickoff on Monday
* class proper on Tuesday

I don't think Trudy's done live model drawing classes at midnight since at least the 70s.

@Alexis @InspectorCaracal That's not what happened, you did download it, but then you lost the file in a big fire.

@kurt @InspectorCaracal Transmission tells me I've downloaded two copies, neither of which I can find, so I've clearly deleted Rashomon twice, for some reason.

spoilers. like for real 

@Alexis yes

@Alexis You just summed up how I feel about Reservoir Dogs.

@The_T The extent of my Tarantino opinions, in approximate real-world chronological order:
* I find the poster for Pulp Fiction off-putting.
* Quentin Tarantino is a bad person.
* Kill Bill is terrific.
* I hated Django Unchained.
* I'll watch Once Upon a Time in Hollywood at some point for the Best Picture thing, I guess.

Here's mine in chronological order:
1. I saw Kill Bill and thought it was good, so I wanted to watch his other films.
2. I liked Reservoir Dogs more than Kill Bill.
3. I liked Pulp Fiction more than Kill Bill.
4. I liked Jackie Brown more than Kill Bill.
5. Death Proof was kind of ok.
6. Inglourious Basterds was fine, but god that's a dumb spelling. Tarantino might be an idiot?
7. Harvey Wenstein is a scumbag.
8. Tarantino should really have done more to distance himself from Weinstein, but whatever.
9. I feel like it's been 10 years since Tarantino put out a movie. *looks him up on Wikipedia* oh, apparently he has been all this time. Oh well.

ugh tarantino 

@The_T Other than seeing Django Unchained at a friend's insistence, I really hadn't spent a full minute of my life in a row thinking about Tarantino before I saw that footage of Uma Thurman's car crash -- which only happened because he insisted she do the stunt instead of her stunt driver.

The paint of my opinions about his films is not thick enough to hide that canvas, and the Weinstein thing is paint thinner shot at it from a Super Soaker.

ugh tarantino 

@Alexis I totally see where you're coming from, and for me it's more, like...

I followed Tarantino when I was like, 14-23. That was when I cared about him and liked his movies.

After that I kind of moved on; and then only much later did all the bad stuff come out and I'm just like, "ugh, ok." 10 years after I've ever cared about his movies.

@Alexis Jessie is such a good character.

And the street-crossing scene is, IMNSHO, one of the funniest bits in the series.

@naga The whole Woody's Round-Up thing feels like a very natural addition to Woody as a character, and Jessie especially so -- she's completely her own deal.

@Alexis Ah, I remember that serial, "Doctor Who and the Time Trap", a classic, it--

wait what do you mean

@Alexis Legit I knew it sounded familiar and I probably should have checked first haha

@Alexis not that it would be hard to find... *cough*

@The_T It could have a very local release here in my living room as early as ten minutes from now, when it finishes downloading.

@Alexis how forward thinking of the film companies.......

@The_T That would be odd scheduling, though, on account of me being only 40 minutes into the first one.

@Alexis they are legitimately good movies. in places. I'm going to watch the 3rd one... soon.

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