When you think about it, calling them TERFs is giving them way more credit than they deserve. They're actively antifeminist, and upholding well established, outdated gender norms is probably the least radical thing you can do.


@InvaderXan I've always liked the alternative of


or, "FART."

@Alexis @InvaderXan considering I just saw a TERF that determined femininity based on one's pooping habits, this is an accurate acronym

@GreenandBlack @InvaderXan Honestly, if TERFism (FARTism?) wasn't so harmful and, well, shit, it might all be very funny.

@GreenandBlack @Alexis Wow, just when I thought I couldn't be more appalled by their ridiculous beliefs 🤨

TERF/FART nonsense 

@StroomAfwaarts @GreenandBlack @InvaderXan This would probably have been someone else, but I've definitely seen idiots argue that "women don't poop at home," or "women don't poop around their husbands," that kind of archaic nonsense. It's not hard to extrapolate that into something horrible.

TERF/FART nonsense 

@Alexis @GreenandBlack @InvaderXan
wow. I poop with the door open, so I can keep talking.
the only pooping-while-feminine thing I've heard is the concern of feminine people that they poop while giving birth.
don't know any masculines who worry about that, but maybe they do to.

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