Toy Story, Woody sucks 

I've got Toy Story on, and say, the thing of Woody trying to convince Buzz he's not really an astronaut super sucks

very bigot-y, like he's a TERF whose "but high school biology" is "the moon landing was faked."

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Toy Story, Woody sucks 

his fear of being replaced, his violent retribution against Buzz for having the gall to exist, all very far-right-y

🎎 "Toy Story" (1995) 

to be clear, Woody's arc is clearly, he's scared of change and being a real jerk about it but he finds ways to deal with that fear, and ends up redeeming himself -- if I recall correctly, in later films, he's actively welcoming to new toys

he's just a real asshole about it first!!

🎎 "Toy Story" (1995) 

@Alexis Woody is literally a Republican afraid of losing the amazing advantage he has over others; except he eventually comes to learn he can still be overwhelmingly advantaged while still letting others have some of what he has.

Toy Story, Woody sucks 

@Alexis You know, you may need a holiday from the internet.

Toy Story, Woody sucks, dril tweet paraphrase 

@kurt "Is Woody Into Qanon" - the greatest thread in the history of forums, locked by a moderator after 12,239 pages of heated debate,,,,

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