Today's film, #1, 1984's "The Terminator," because they're showing T2 at the movie theatre this week and it probably works better if I've seen T1 recently.

Today's film, #2, "Promare." No idea what this one's about but the animation looks cool.

Tonight's film, #3! 1991's "Terminator 2: Judgment Day"! In the movie theatre, so: I'll be back?

Way funnier than the first one, ergo, way better than the first one.

Saddest thumbs up in cinematic history.

A slight issue I can see with the Terminator franchise is that T2 serves as a pretty solid ending? And yet I am aware of at least four additional films.

@Alexis as someone who hasn't seen a single Terminator film, my understanding is: time travel?


@The_T I've *seen* the fourth one, and don't remember a thing about besides Matt Smith playing Skynet, so: I guess?? Probably??

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@Alexis sigh should I just go ahead and watch these as well

@Alexis there's a TV series also isn't there. is it Joss Whedon??

@The_T I don't think it's one of his, and I also don't think I need a mid-2000s Fox version of this franchise in my life, honestly.

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