rewatching Frozen II -- flawed film, for sure -- and though I can see where the "give Elsa a girlfriend" people were coming from, Elsa is the most aro character I've ever seen in major mainstream entertainment

"give Elsa a girlfriend," come on, y'all, this is not a woman who would know what to do with a girlfriend

and, like, she's aro as all hell, AND she's depicted as a loving, happy person, which, where do you ever see that???

i'm pretty sure she's aro entirely by accident, but that's still cool and great and important to see

@Alexis I think her being aro is so important. Like, women in fairy tales (and in general) are always someone’s potential love interest, and they just didn’t go with that. It’s relieving.


@lilletale Right! That's kinda Anna's arc in the first one, but that still contrasts a, like, shitty abusive dude with good, wholesome Kristoff, which isn't a bad thing to see in a Disney film, either.

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