I've put Incredible Hulk on.

* This is honestly more of a monster movie, a kaiju movie, than a superhero film.
* Blonsky still sucks.


the problem with the Emil Blonsky of the 2008 motion picture "The Incredible Hulk" is that all he does is behave like a fucked up asshole

here's a complete list of reasons why he behaves like a fucked up asshole:
* he's fucked up
* he's an asshole

Tim Roth does a good job with it, I guess? But the other Tim in this movie, Tim Blake Nelson, gets less to do but is way better.

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@Alexis yeah I guess a big part of my love is I have a crush on Tim Roth the fucked up asshole

@The_T He's a good actor, but: Literally any character motivation more substantial than that would be a huge improvement.

@Alexis he looks at Hulk and says "I want to be that" the same way I look at girls

@The_T See, to me, it's more like he looks at Hulk and says "I bet I could kill that" like how I look at giant food challenges.

@Alexis I wish my doctor hadn't told me to stop looking at food that way.

@The_T See, I don't do the giant food challenges, but do I want to? Giant hamburger, fuck me up.

@Alexis I remember in one Japanese TV show, they had to imply what a huge meat eater someone was by showing him eat burgers, but Japanese burgers are just very small compared to, a typical American burger.

How is your country's burgers, compared to what you might see in movies.


@The_T Our burgers are just American-style burgers, I think? A little smaller, maybe, just cuz everything is bigger in America.


@Alexis I guess it's worth mentioning, like; a typical American McDonalds burger is small compared to... real burgers.


@The_T I think in a Proper Restaurant, a burger would be, like, 1.5x the size of a full McD's burger? Clearly a step above, but not huge.


@Alexis I'd say 1.8x minimum. A little wider, and about 1.8x taller


@The_T That would be a bigger burger than I would expect to get if the menu didn't specifically say it was big.


@Alexis nope, that's a normal restaurant burger, for sure.

There are definitely bigger.


@Alexis My normal McDonalds order is 2 double cheeseburgers, or one of the quarter pounders. Or a double quarter pounder if I'm hungry.


@The_T To be fair, a regular McD's cheeseburger is, like, equivalent to maybe half a normal human sandwich, in terms of how filling it is.

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