I don't think I've seen any of these new bits go around here, so:

A new Day of the Doctor intro from Strax the Sontaran, written by Moffat.

:twitter: πŸ”— twitter.com/StanDarkley/status

Jodie Whittaker in character giving lockdown advice. ( ;__; )

:twitter: πŸ”— twitter.com/DoctorWho_BBCA/sta

A short bit of prose from Dr Who's POV as she falls to Earth in Jodie Whittaker's first episode, written by Chibnall, actually pretty good.

:tardis: πŸ”— bbc.co.uk/blogs/doctorwho/entr


Jodie Whittaker Blue Peter-ing in a cupboard is honestly as good a performance from her as we've seen, gosh, she's very good.

@Alexis I thought I was gonna cry, I'm so glad we have such a Doctor at a time like this.

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