on follow requests πŸ“Œ 

I generally won't accept follow requests from:
* completely new accounts that haven't posted yet
* accounts that predominantly post about tech, software development
* accounts that are predominantly negative either in general or specifically about things I post about a lot
* accounts that post a lot of sexual stuff

obviously this is in addition to not accepting follow requests from nazis, bigots, etc

on follow requests πŸ“Œ 

* re: "new accounts that haven't posted yet," it's mostly about getting a good read on who you are, without any info to go on, the decision is not going to be yes.
* if you've moved instances, a note somewhere what your old username was makes this so much easier, y'all.

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on follow requests πŸ“Œ 

* i'm mostly fine being followed by minors as long as you're not, like, a baby but I probably won't follow you back. Don't be weird, if you talk to me like normal people, I'll talk to you back like normal people.

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