"the Hybrid is the Valeyard"

what?? it's literally the friends they made along the way!!


convinced a large chunk of online disdain for the Moffat era comes out of the same inability to deal with ambiguity that modern fan wiki culture has

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To be clear: NOT saying "if you dislike Doctor Who (2010-2017) it's because you can't deal with ambiguity," just that that inability is absolutely a problem online fandom has and that I think it's one of the foundations for that weird anti-Moffat attitude.

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doctor who fandom, a gross choice of words in this one 

while I'm complaining anyway, uhhhh, I fucking know it's possible to say something positive about Doctor Who (1963-2010) without unzipping, hunching over, and taking a thorough shit on 2010-2017 at the same time, but you wouldn't know it from certain parts of the internet.

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Modern fan wiki culture, the perpetual encyclopediafication of fiction, often has a hard time with ambiguity, or even just the idea that a character might be lying. A character saying two contradictory things becomes a plot hole, with little consideration for in-text justification. (1/2)

@oreolek The Moffat-run era of Doctor Who is often very happy to go for conclusions, reveals, developments that are more "poetic" in nature, things that maybye make sense emotionally more than they do if you're just looking at the Hard Facts.

These are very much similar problems.

@Alexis can’t I dislike moffat era for the awful way he wrote female and gay characters?

@Alexis β€œhi ho, i am a dinosaur and also gay. did I mention I am gay? isn’t that weeeird?!”

@zensaiyuki look, it beats the Chibnall era, where the only gay folks all die or have off-screen dead significant others

@Alexis yoo’re right, but who knows what the future holds.

@zensaiyuki Friend, you're a lot more optimistic about Chibnall's ability to engage with queerness than I am.

@Alexis It's not why I dislike Moffat, but it's a thesis I can see value in.

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