i wish the response to a prominent young person not knowing about culture from literal multiple decades before they were born was, like

"let's spend the day sharing the music we want young people to know about"

instead of it all being focused on old idiots being angry assholes

to be clear, I don't mean "don't be angry," I mean

the response to this stuff is so often just people being mean and empty and hollow

Literally: Find a way to engage with the world that is BETTER than that.

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@Alexis seriously though you’re right but i don’t think people are (in aggregate) better than a giant writhing ragesnark monster. cultural change is either hard, uphill, grassroots and small, or dictated to us enmasse by corporations and psychologists crafting messages to make us all as neurotic and insecure as possible.

@zensaiyuki Honestly, I think you're probably right, but I also think I'm gonna try to push this particular boulder up the hill for the rest of my life, even though I know it'll probably just roll back down again and again.

@Alexis if there weren’t dominant narratives about shitty ungrateful youngsters being an existential threat, then maybe

@Alexis sharing things? that takes effort..

to be honest, i think folks find it much easier to just criticize.

@scarlie You're not wrong -- just yelling at the cloud is easy and frequently gets "rewarded", while sharing what you're enthusiastic about and being friendly and positive is harder and less incentivised.

And that sucks!

@Alexis May I recommend 500 Songs? It's a podcast with full transcripts (I support it, but I don't listen to it - I read it instead), about 500 songs that shaped rock music, starting in the 1930s. The writer is Andrew Hickey and he had this to say about the Thing you're referring to:
"The whole point of that is to give people enough context so that they *can* appreciate older music."

Podcast and transcripts are here:

@Reinderdijkhuis Oh, that's Andrew Hickey the Doctor Who writer. Yeah, this sounds like my jam, I'll check that out, thanks. :)

@Alexis Only tangentially related, but I'm actually quite shocked at how far-ranging many young people today's musical interests are. They certainly know more about the music of my generation than I knew about the music of my parents' generation.

@PastaThief I joke sometimes that I really do only listen to The Mountain Goats, but my most-listened playlist on Spotify has, like, Simon and Garfunkel and The Rolling Stones on it.

I think young people know good music/music they like when they hear it, regardless of when or where it comes from -- services like Spotify just don't encourage caring about the history in the ways older people think it should be.

@Alexis Yeah, I think that's one of the things -- there was a bigger disdain for the past in my generation. Young people seem more open to liking things regardless of when it was made. I think it's a positive development. :) I kind of wish more people my age would get out of their time ruts -- the 80s had a lot of great music, but so did the 70s and the 60s and the 2010s and...etc.

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