Can somebody who groks time zones confirm for me that 12pm ET, which I think must be American Eastern Time, is 18.00 my time (Amsterdam/The Netherlands)

@Alexis Yes, you're correct - 12:00 EST is 17:00 for us, so it must be 18:00 in the rest of Europe.

@zatnosk Yeah, it is, thank you! (I always forget about Wolfram Alpha, I should really use it, like, all the time.)

@Alexis @zatnosk Every time someone says Wolfram Alpha I think about the TV show Angel.

@Alexis *checks the time in Amsterdam*

yes it is <.< PLEASE DISREGARD if you saw my other deleted post

@Alexis (I accidentally did the conversion for the wrong US timezone, lol...)

@Alexis it was particularly embarassing because I used to do timezone conversions all the time for my job

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