amongst comics nerds who watch Riverdale, a common reaction to the show is "this is very stupid," even if we like it

except I don't think it's actually "stupid," it's just playing by the rules of teen drama, which comics nerds are largely unfamiliar with

I'm sure if you're used to, say, Glee or Pretty Little Liars, it is actually Star Trek and Doctor Who that feels stupid in a similar way

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@InspectorCaracal which isn't to say Riverdale can't be pretty stupid sometimes, in last week's Halloween episode, Jughead gets buried alive while Cheryl Blossom ouija boards her dead brother's corpse's haunted doll's ghost.

@Alexis @InspectorCaracal the episode wasn't actually bad but the concept was just bizarre...

Now bad episodes with bizarre concepts was the sleep sand zombies one

@InspectorCaracal ...You know what, the gothic horror aesthetic sort of disguises it, but you're not wrong.

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