podcast concept:

the hosts live on a space station or in another universe or some other place with little access to American TV (this is a fictional conceit)

every week, one completely random episode of American TV falls out of a wormhole or into the mail chute or whatever


the hosts know only two things:
* every episode that falls into the mail chute is set in the same, shared fictional universe.
* and somebody called Tommy Westphall has something to do with it.

the goal is to try to construct a consistent, thorough overall fictional theory that actually comprehensively strings random episodes of wildly incompatible shows together

@Alexis the greatest thing here is that I would be a prime candidate to work on this podcast because I watch virtually no television and I have no idea who Tommy Westphall is

@InspectorCaracal You know, I'm about to move out, and will, I assume, finally no longer live in a space where I can be interrupted at any time by either a small child I am not related to or my parents.

@Alexis @InspectorCaracal somehow I don’t think being interrupted by a small child you’re related to would be much better

@Alexis when you get there, if you still want to give it a shot, we can see if the logistics could work out, because I absolutely love this idea

@InspectorCaracal I'd need to get comfortable recording my own voice, and, ideally, somebody besides me would edit it, but I wanna at least *try,* so if I don't get back to you about it, definitely poke me at some point!

@Alexis @InspectorCaracal I... I wanna do this. Also I'm comfortable with audio editing. As long as you can encourage me to do it.

@Alexis A side project I've been working on is to make the Street Fighter, Tekken, and King of Fighters universes all mesh with each other because there have been (non-canon) crossovers of all 3 together (alongside Marvel VS Capcom, and then games that cross all Capcom games into one universe) and I want to see if I can make it all work in a sensible canonical universe.

That's just who I am ok

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