I must have seen at least 5 different versions of Mission to the Unknown, and there must be 2 dozen going around at least, all of which try and succeed to various extents -- but the University of Central Lancashire recreation is the first time it actually comes alive.

It's a shame it's literally the only missing episode you can really do this with, on account of being the only one that doesn't have the main cast in it, and from which none of the human characters recur.

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@Alexis I'm terrified to watch it in case I don't like it, I don't want to be, that person

@The_T It's not like I've compared it to a recon or anything, and I do have a few niggles, but I think it's a genuinely fantastic, accurate recreation -- I think if you don't like it, it'll be because you just don't like Mission to the Unknown, not because of the UCLan crew.

@Alexis My worry is that I won't like it because it's not a recon, because it isn't using the original audio, that it makes it more authentic. It's an adaption, and thus it's just as meaninglessly unofficial as the novelizations.

@The_T Don't think of it as "this replaces Mission to the Unknown," then, but just as a cool fan project.

@Alexis ...but my brain has been trained to ignore "cool fan projects", because there are just so many of them out there and why would I watch those when I should be watching the canon stuff

@The_T I feel ya on that one, I can barely get into, like, Big Finish getting Jacob Dudman to voice the Eccleston through Capaldi incarnations -- he's too young, he just can't pull off Capaldi!! -- so fan stuff often just fails to meet my standards even more.

Even if this didn't meet my standards, which it does, I'd still think it was a cool, impressive project.

@The_T (also, some of the folks on the secret site we're both on have mentioned wanting to cut it together with the original audio, so if that's the main issue, keep an eye out for that)

@Alexis Unrelatedly, I've been meaning to get back to working on the books, I've just been suffering from extreme anxiety (coupled with extreme financial anxiety; car broke down and it's permanently damaged, could die at any time and if it does I'd be out of luck) so it's just, hard for me to do anything lately.

@The_T If there's ever anything I can do to help or be helpful, let me know, but hey, don't stress yourself out about those ebooks if it's just not happening -- one book fixed is always better than none fixed, and *you* come first, bud.

(There's no "your project" without "you.")

@Alexis well, "doing the books" is part of a larger "work on the reading order", as I was doing the books as something to do alongside reading the books themselves.

And asking for money is one of the most socially frowned upon things in the world, so I guess I could ask if you could somehow start a revolution in the United States and completely upend the capitalist system, I guess.

@The_T You know, I have to actually start paying rent soon, so it might finally be time to get moving on the whole ending-capitalism thing. If I figure out how to do it here, I'll let you know.

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