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hot Greta Thunberg take: Everything she's saying is either widely agreed upon scientific fact, or expresses the feelings of her generation and other people around the globe.

Which means any mockery of her achieves exactly two things:
* It proves that those feelings are justified.
* It shows us that the people mocking her are absolute, utter, unrepentant cunts.

climate, Greta Thunberg 

I... try to allow for the humanity and possible redemption of those who I believe to be culturally or politically in the wrong -- though there are exceptions -- but if you hear and see Greta Thunberg say nothing new, and you make the specific choice of going after *her*, the entirety of you can go right on the scrap pile.

We'll fucking reuse your bones for a better person.

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climate, Greta Thunberg 

@Alexis Unfortunately, we don't really even have the option of throwing people away--there's nowhere we can dump them that will prevent them from affecting climate change. We're pretty much stuck with the task of changing people.

I like Greta Thunberg, though. It's refreshing to see someone be bitterly angry about shortsightedness in the way that I've always held back in public. I doubt it's persuading anyone that isn't already persuaded, but it's very satisfying to see.

climate, Greta Thunberg 

@angryoptimist Oh, yeah, I agree completely; she delivers the message extremely well, and it's an anger, that we all have to some extent, finally finding a real, global stage. I think she's fantastic.

"The actual content of her message is nothing new" is a factual description, not a value judgment or any kind of judgment at all.

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