if you turned on a lightsaber and dropped it to the ground pointy end down, would it just keep falling until it got to the core of the planet

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@Alexis I would hope it'd have some sort of fail-safe built in to automatically switch off if someone isn't holding it.

@Alexis @rand__althor yes but kyber crystals are force sensitive as well, so that probably still counts as you holding it

@Alexis No, the handle is slightly thicker than the 'blade' so it wouldn't fit through the hole it burned in the ground and get stuck.

I have an 837 page fanfic about this very scenario.

@Alexis "...only he who can pull the lightsaber out of this planet is worthy to become the Jedi King."

@Alexis Now I'm imagining the Jedi twirling it at arm's length over their head and diving down the cut pit after it.

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