okay, look, I'm not a sci-fi science nitpicker, but I'm pretty sure Captain Cold using his cold gun to freeze a bunch of lasers is NCIS two-hands-on-the-keyboard tier nonsense.

@Alexis WTF. Even if you could freeze a laserbeam, the whole point of those lasers is that _breaking the beam triggers the alarm_. Breaking a frozen laserbeam is still breaking a laserbeam >.<

@zatnosk Hollywood lasers don't generally have much of a connection to actual, functional reality, but, like, yeah, the alarm would surely get triggered as soon as he breaks away the ice.

@Alexis he chews the scenery so hard that I don't think I mind at all

@The_T If there's anyone who can get away with it, it's him, he chews the scenery so hard he freezes the laws of physics and shatters them into pieces.

@Alexis I should start watching Arrowverse again...

@The_T You should!

(I'm even enjoying Arrow, now that it seems to have accepted it's a ridiculous and silly superhero story instead of a soap opera about handsome millionaires.)

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